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We have suffered a hacker attack and are working to recover from it.


Some nice and friendly soul has compromised our server and messed up our web applications and database server. Peace be with his simple mind.


His (or her) cleverness has, however, caused a lot of downtime since Saturday, and lots of work to isolate the issue.


We have not solved it, but the forums are now open. If you find that you get blank pages or other strange behaviour, try to hit the back button in your browser and try something else.


Some forums refuse to open, while others work fine. It is not clear why this happens.


You might also get logged out all of a sudden.


I am sorry for this situation but until we get this fixed things will be unstable.

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Good! So...


I guess this had messed up your vacation... hadn't it?


Yes, it has taken a lot of work this weekend. :D Now I will try to stay away from the forums for the rest of this week. Okay, I'll give it a try, at least. :cup:


But I've just been on the phone with our host, Viviotech - http://www.viviotech.net/ - and they're going to help us build a new server and monitor for future hacker attempts. They have been very helpful today and I am very happy we're hosting with them.


We were a bunch of Hypography people chatting on Saturday night when the forums were down and it's great to see the community spirit...people get upset when the site is down. :)


Back to vacationeering.

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It's lucky that we did not suffer problems that were too destructive.

Imagine if all of the threads just disappeared. ::gasp:::cup:


That's why we have backup, Merc...to save your golden writings for posterity. :)

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Guest jamongo
and if I get my hands on the low life that did this! well it wouldnt be pretty!


Damn, what a d***


hopefully thats the last we see of him/her!


Meanwhile, may he roast in hell.


Stupid hackers!


Are you all sure you don't want to sit down and negotiate with him or her, as the case may be?:)

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