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OK well can you tell ME HOW TO GO back and proofread what i need to proofread. can you tell me what it is that i need to change? if i make them into paragraphical form, how do i decide where the paragraph starts and ends. what can i do to make my posts better?



Well to start out with, you can start making your posts neat. With proper capitalization, some puncuation, and if a word doesn't look right google it for a nice little spell check. Now, I'm done talking about the neatness of your post so I'm starting a new paragraph.


As for proofreading, just run through what you said to make sure all your ends are tighed down tight. Also, make for damn sure you understand what you're saying.


Helpful hint, don't just ask people questions. It's kind of annoying. No one's is here to answer all the questions that you could look up yourself. Do some research, bring us what you got, and start a conversation. If you don't find anything helpful on your search, then start a conversation.



For instance, all you had to do was google "proofreading" and you'd find tips. Matter fact, you might still want to do that along with "MLA format." Not saying you need to write essays and be that formal, but it's a good start for having posts that are nice and neat. Plus, I'm pretty sure that's what you were supposed to learn at school, so it should just be a quick refresh.



Better late than never,


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to be honest with you i dont know exactly what i am saying all of the time. i know what i am trying to say but how it comes out i am unaware of. .................. PLease I am on ONE nee and I am at yur' feet. HELP me....will you please...HELP ME TO ADAaPT>>>>

thank YOU>>>........<<<



You do not have to be perfect with your spelling/grammar/etc to post here. The thing is, if you can't post something we can understand, then the post is pointless, because if we can't understand it, we can't offer you any kind of help. At the top of each post (as long as you are in advanced mode) as you type, there is a spell check button on the top right corner. Please use it. It won't be perfect, but it will help us (and consequently you).


Moving on. This is the perfect place to ask for help in. The people here are good at offering advice and opinions, even though occasionally the discussion wanders off or digresses in another direction. It allows the people who can and will help out to do so, and others to do what they are here to do without impeding on anyone's attention span.


I don't know you well enough to offer advice - all I know is based on what I see presented here in this forum. However, I have to say that it seems to me that you need a break from the drugs you are on. I am not against experimenting or living your life they way you choose to live, as long as you're not hurting anyone else, but you seem to be lost and scrambling for something solid and coherent. You need to clear the fog from your mind, and my first suggestion is to take a break. Those things can enhance good things and feelings you have, but when you are feeling the way you seem to be feeling, they can enhance the confusion and feeling of hopelessness. Also, I think they are behind a lot of the confusion in your posts and why you are having trouble communicating what it is you mean to say. So, why not take a break from them to search for what you are looking for... and when you feel more comfortable about that, you can either continue searching, or go back to your drug-induced haze?


It is a good feeling to realize that there is more to life than lying around doping it up - and I mean that more than just the literal meaning of "dope." People are addicted to a lot of different things. My point, though, is that it is a good sign for you if you have found interests in other things. You might not particularly like that your interests are changing - for example, you might have stopped enjoying playing the guitar some time ago, but have identified with it for so long that you didn't want to say so - but the fact that they are changing is good. What is the point of being alive, if you aren't going to bother experiencing any of it?


Here is a question I present to you and I want you to think about it for awhile before you answer.


Let's assume that time has gone by, as it does. You are on the verge of dying - either of old age, or simply at an old age of some cause, or perhaps you have been shot and you are slowly dying from some slow cause of death due to the wound and you can't be saved... but you have a few hours or a day to think about things.


What are you thinking about, as your life comes to an end; what do you wish you had done in your life?


If you can come to any kind of real answer for that question, then start looking for ways to get to that goal. I can't tell you that it will solve all your problems, but I can guarantee that if you work towards that, most of your major issues will work themselves out - because you will be happy (or, at least relatively so).

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