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  1. Well, don't murder me for posting without being any sort of well-read informed person on the subject, but I did take a couple terms of genetic anthropology many years ago, and it has since been something I cannot stop thinking about. A couple posts have mentioned it, too. I do think we have really done a lot to remove natural selection from the picture. I am constantly trying to decide which side of that fence I am on. What happens when natural selection is removed from the equation? The gene pool begins to become more and more tainted with genese that should not have naturally been passe
  2. There are tons of reasons for language evolution. The biggest part is that there is no "language." Nobody has a set, perfect version of any one language. It's more like a rainbow of variations. Language is a broader word that covers tons of tiny pockets of dialects. Everything we do impacts our dialects, which can spread to the whole language or remain a dialect identifier (as in the example of how the word "wicked" is used in different areas, although I think these days that word in particular has become pretty common). Languages/dialects are sort of like paint colors. Imagine Spain t
  3. My cat goes absolutely bananas whenever a raindrop even slightly taps on the windows in the house. However, not only will she sleep in the sink, drink from and play in the faucet, and stand in the shower with me at times and endure those droplets and sounds, she will also lay on the back deck several feet from the running lawnmower, yawning and disinterested. I find this fascinating :)
  4. While I generally agree with you, and I guess you'll never read this because you left, I am always amused by people who say things like this. Do you ever read the legislative history of the laws before criticising them? I find that almost always, the people complaining have no idea. Since everything around us changes, the laws also have to change. Our legal system (not perfect, but pretty great, relatively speaking) would be ridiculous if the laws didn't change with the times. Unfortunately, no matter where you are married, the IRS will not recognize any same-sex marriage for tax
  5. While my post may be completely unhelpful scientifically for you, I am going to make it anyway. I am glad to see your work and this information. I am an audiophile myself, and I have always found some connection between music and mathematics. I love the idea of expressing music mathematically, breaking it apart in my head, or expressing math as music; I've encountered some truly amazing musical artwork that was simply math stated in musical expression. I can't really contribute any scientific facts or data, sadly. But, this train of thought is definitely very close to home for me. I thin
  6. niviene


    I hope you got workers comp for that. (Sorry, always thinking like a lawyer, can't help it - horrible even trying to watch Spongebob with this mentality!) History is fun and engaging to study, but practically speaking, unless you're going on for a grad program, it's not going to open a lot of doors for you career-wise. History was the #1 major of fellow students in law school, if I recall correctly. And, a close friend with a BA in History works in shipping at a local factory making about $8 an hour. Sigh! But, couple it with a teaching cert or something else, and you might have somethin
  7. Congratulations on starting your education. It may seem like a long road now, but it will fly by. At the end, you'll wonder where the time went. As far as the degree in Psych, a bachelor's degree in that will not really amount to much - if you want a career, you need to aim for a doctorate in that. At least, to work in that field. There are other careers where any BA/BS will open the door for you, however, but it sounds like you really want to head for a career there. I guess the first thing I'd do is talk to your school's career services - see if they have any grads that would allow you
  8. niviene


    Hi, Jman! What's your uni major going to be? I have to say, impressing the girls basically just involves being yourself, btw. :lol:
  9. A moment for the spring hooding (graduation!!) that dangles before me like a carrot on a stick!
  10. I have very low iron, also... I used to try to donate blood, but each time I was turned away - my iron typically registers around 30 - you have to have at least 38 to donate. Sometimes it's less than 30 - much less. I had been assuming that this was from having been a vegetarian for so many years. One day I happened to mention it to my dad, who told me, "Oh, by the way, didn't you know you've always had an iron deficiency?" Well, no, I didn't. I have tried to take iron supplements but the pills really hurt my stomach - like dropping pins and needles in there. But what I've found is that
  11. Wow, this is really interesting. Several months ago I resigned finally from my aux duties to finish up grad school, but while I was doing all that I was working over 40 hours a week third-shift and in school full time pursuing a joint JD/MBA. Each week from Tuesday to Thursday I was unable to sleep due to courses and work. I would get off Tuesday at 8am, and be unable to sleep again until getting off Thursday at 8am (or about 8:30 by the time I got home). I had classes all day on those days, with those two days also requiring my MBA meetings until 10pm, just in time to get home, in uniform
  12. when suddenly appeared.....
  13. oo... Oreo. ........*gets sued for using Oreo without it's trademark* bah!! :(
  14. Some of you know that I have been studying law for a few years now. Now that I'm nearing the end, I've been thinking about what I've learned in school - the ideals - vs the harsh reality. How I wish that things really went as they do in the books. But, reality isn't even remotely close. The worst of the whole thing is what it's done to me, I feel. The only word I can think of to describe my overall feeling of the world around me right now is "angry." I feel angry. About everything. When I sign a receipt and notice it's a contract, I feel angry. When I look at a EULA on something I ins
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