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6th Anniversary Quiz Contest!

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Time for a contest! On May 17, 2006, Hypography turns 6 years, and to celebrate, we are holding a quiz contest. Write a quiz and you could win!


lefthttp://www.hypography.com/newdesign/icon_quizzes.gif[/img]The Hypography science quizzes are one of our most visited sections. But we need fresh and new quizzes, and who are better to write them than our enlightened readership?


Enter your quiz before May 1st, and you could win $100 dollars, a forum subscription, and a Hypography T-shirt.


Update - entry deadline has passed and we now do not accept new entries.


Topic ideas for quizzes could be: History, computers, astronomy, countries, cultures, games, philosophy, famous people, inventions.


Check out our current science quizzes to see how they work.


The contest rules


1. You must be a member of our forums to enter the contest. This is free. Sign up today if you haven't already done so.


2. Write a quiz with no less than 10 and no more than 20 questions (15 is a good target) in a topic that is relevant for our science and technology segment.


2. Each question in the quiz must have 2-4 options, and only one of the options may be the correct answer (no multiple options)


3. Please make sure that the answers are correct!


4. Give each question a number (ie, 1-15) and each answer a letter (ie, A-D)


5. At the end of the quiz, provide us with a list of the correct replied to each question.


6. Prepare the quiz in text format (ie, write it in Notepad or Textedit or some other program that does not format it) and send it via e-mail to [email protected]. The entry must include your full (real) name and address (this information is used to send the prize if you win, and will not be stored after the contest is finished).


7. Deadline for entries: Midnight on April 30, 2006, PST (Pacific Standard Time) - 9am May 1st, GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). There will be no late entries, and the sooner you enter the better for us, since we need to add all the quizzes to our database manually.


8. Beginning on May 7, 2006, the contest quizzes will be made available at http://www.hypogaphy.com/quizfront.cfm for public vieweing and voting. Each quiz will have the forum nickname of the quiz maker attached to it.


9. Everyone can vote (even non-members). To vote, first finish a quiz, and at the end of the quiz voters will be asked to rate the quiz from 1-5 (5 being the best score).


10. The winner will be the quiz which receives the highest number of points.


11. You may enter more than once but each quiz must be unique.


12. The announcement will be made on May 17, 2006.




First prize

$100 dollars (paid via PayPal or Amazon gift card)

Platinum subscription to the Hypography forums ($75 value)

Hypography t-shirt ($16 value)


Second prize

Gold subscription ($50 value)

Hypography T-shirt ($16 value)


Third prize

Silver subscription ($25 value)

Hypography T-shirt ($16 value)


Fine print:

By entering the contest, you accept that Hypography can publish your quiz in whatever format we wish, at any site in our network. You may not withdraw the quiz after the deadline. The voters will be examined by the forum moderators, and the announced decision will be final. The amount of votes each quiz has received will be announced together with the winner announcement.

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Done :rolleyes:

3 more :) common guys! As if the chance at a prize isnt enough motivation.. anyway everyone who submits a quiz will receive one bonafide Jay-qu rep of 74 points :(

Hey, I submitted 3 already. :shrug: Gimme my rep Jay-Qu.   I will also rep anyone who forthcomes with a quality quiz with Tormods approval! 82 points.   74 + 82 = worth submitting a Quiz! :)   Show

Any idea on how difficult to make it?


Remember that the people will vote - maybe quizzes that are too difficult will not win too many hearts over? On the other hand, if we get invaded by quiz nerds who want to spend an hour per question, pouring over online encyclopediaes, the tough ones get the points... :eek2:

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On the other hand, if we get invaded by quiz nerds who want to spend an hour per question, pouring over online encyclopediaes, the tough ones get the points... :eek2:


Are you saying there is NO time limit to the quizzes and people can referrence any knowledge source ? WHILE taking the Quiz?


Is this Open Book??

or Answer as you know now and then??


cuz' I want one of those T-shirts! :lol: :eek:

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