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Meaning of LIFE.....hummm?


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This being my first post, I would like to first simply say a mighty HELLLLOOOO PEOPLE!


My name is Antonio Teixeira, one of many I would say, and I am from Azores. A set of remarkably beautiful islands. Extraordinarily amazing. Some even say that once they belonged to atlantis...who knows, humm? The Atlantic ocean is so vastly eroded and destroyed, that it just might be true. At any rate, the post that I will post now, and pardon the errors and misspellings, since I am no an English native speaker, is a post about LIFE. I do not know if this is the correct forum partition to post this. Perhaps it is not. Perhaps it should go to the "other stuff to weird..." unfortenally, no? Well, I apologize to the webmaster if this is not the place to post this.:surprise:


Well, since this is rather long post, I shall give you a link so that you may download a music that is appropriate to this kind of information. Here it is.



"Padparadscha" by Ginkgo Garden from "Faith, Hope & Love ".





Now the reason for this information is because i have this rather stupid notion that many hu-mans have a rather closed mentality, closed mind, closed world view, and so closed awhereness. This closing is perpetuated by the definition of an identity (yours or someonelse, depending on country birth) trough the means of what I call a sort of domestication, the Social Conditioning. Something that I suppose the words already quite well explain what it is....BUT, to read a set of syllables that have a coded meaning is one thing, BUT, to experience within your being the limitations of a specific set of behaviour..AH! That is something new altogether.


In what way does this have to with LIFE...in the manner that is rather "depicted" in this forum (lab life?) Well, in the way that you has an organism live through a force of intent, this means that, YOU, are in a state of active intent, this means that YOU, have the power, if so you wanted to stress yourself to a point, that you can intent your own demise. In other words, you can kill yourself simply by focalizing your intent on the aberration aspect of diseases. Meaning the type of behaviour that certain people have, especially when they get older, when they start to concentrate too many of their energies in thinking they are sick. That actual preoccupation shall indeed MANIFEST such sickness...ironic? Well, it is an example of what focalized-solid-24/7-worrys-type of intent can do. If such is true, that it means that the art of intent is the ART OF LIVING? Well, I suppose that if there be a polarity to all things, than the good exists,hummm? Meaning that life shall evolve according to the beings, let us say, "Happiness" VALUE. Meaning that is organic functionality shall last longer, be less oxidised, and most of all, abundant with ENERGY! WE come than to a point that I think is most valuable to know...ENREGY governs the intent of life. Meaning that it is the PERSONNAL POWER of many a being that shall dictate is life through out life...It is somewhat wisely stated that "Life is what happens when you are making plans"...well, this is more than true..no? It is a fact.

If this happens within the hu-man level of awhereness, such energy controlling the biorhythms of life, controlling health and its cancer or not manifestations (indulge yourself in considering such no?) than how does all of this dynamic concern OTHER life forms that surrounds Hu-man? Can they manifest and experience similar states of awhereness....hummm? In otherwords, happyness makes them healthier? Has na impact on the biological aspect and cell dynamics?

You think a plant does not know happiness?

You think a dog does not know happiness?

One must be stupid like only a hu-man can not to recognize happiness in a dog. Is body language, and so is language of communication is, like you well know, or should by now, is body language. Tale wagging, different sorts of barking...etc...Since most animals base themselves on the language of feeling. FEEELING. Meaning that he listens to the intensity of your voice, and other aspects of your body language, and comprehends if you are playful, or angry, or whatever. Meaning that a dog is more than a dog. He is an intelligent being. DO NOT, forget that. Because this also means that the LIFE that is now STUDYED, under the COGNITIVE SYSTEM of sicence-manner-of-classifation-and-worldview, is rather unfortneally falling well bellow its "should-be-levels".


In other words, the proof that you are a SOUL being, and not only a bone BEING, can be felt in that peculiar aspect called normally has, DEJA VU. You know what it is no? Well, read these words that follow and u shall, indeed know! IF you can TAME your internal dialogue, and the way that your worldview, since all being have the rather arrogant nature of believing that they are immortal and they know all things...one of the most disgusting aspects of social conditioning actually.

Listen to the music, and remenber that to save this information for later, after all, what ever made you think that you can understand all that is written here, in mere half an hour...? The words you can, but, it is only when your life is in pain, and so, EVOLUTION of awhereness, that some of these words can be grasped in a better way.

I wish you Peace, and the knowledge that, LIFE can be organic, and inorganic. Since all IS ENERGY, and, ENERGY IS AWHERE OF ITSELF...this means that if u are not awhere of such, IN FEELING, mind not the words, than u need indeed to restructure all of your TONAL, and so, most of your adult life was spent, perhaps, doing things that are NOT quite of your own, INNER desire...? Do you remember how happy your child was? How happy YOU were...?hummm? The trick is in MANIFESTING AGAIN, the side of such playfulness within our life’s. No matter if you worry obsessively about health, money, or some other stupidity. First become AWHERE of your being, and happiness (CULMINATING on the most important factor....birth of an infant. Your familly, and how this one or more children,shall grow into beings that are AWEHRE and respectufull), than have a hobby. This means actually a job, a car, a house......such are hobbies and NOT the meaning of life...savy?


well, here it goes. Hope u enjoy. Since I wrote it for all of those that wish to read it...

Peace to you friend that I do not yet know.:pirate:




Hence forth, the meaning of life...


Introduction into a path...the path with heart



This text is one that I have written for a while, and more to say

there shall always be, of that I am coeternally very much certain

of, regardless, in here, in these words, there information that

shall give some, perhaps, some light, others...confusion, and

Although it may not appear that it has any political reference,

Know this, if a man knows not the totality of his being, how can

he even dare, to "rule" others...? How can he guide? What tools does he use that allow him to know his destiny and,

ultimately, the role of his life, in the great wheel of human

awhereness-battle-for-evolution...hummm? what thinks though?...


What kind of man is a man that can not see, or, SEE? What kind of a

man is a man that has no sense of what compassion, is? What kind of man, can

ever be a leader, if, his HEART is somewhere else...?...Or, if

his heart has strings, foreign, invokers of intimidations that

command him...hummm? What kind of leader is one that can not

change others that he knows, are,

deathly wrong, and may want even his DEATH, for his ideas and

truth ness...Why the death of Kennedy a man of such power? Why the

death of the hippie system, and its stemming and slicing by

Corrupting the very true meaning of a society in "Renaissance". America

rediscovering the meaning of love, plus freedom.....

.indeed many

were corrupted by the drugs and their inducement of lack of

clarity, but, any president that

wished for his "fellow citizens and commerades in friendship"(for

that we all are, in bases of being ness to

each other...friends...think thou not)to grow in Wisdom

would have been able to control tightly the barons lords of the drug

cartels...difficult as it may appear, one man, could have done this,

one man in America whished to, among other things, especially

economic, such potential

there was...

It was a time with a massive potential for a birth of,

" a new cognitive system"...one so old, mysterious and foreign to

many...dangerous for those that wanted to remain in control, old

allies of old sorcerers...

Yet, this awhereness is so much part of us, like, say,

astral projection, meaning that, meaning that, the time came...but

it will come again, and now its, NOW or...perishable

stagnation...death and decay...foreign entities lost(hu-man´s that

could not evolve in the sence of awhereness)...in the mechanism of

the wheels of dynamics of "our" Earth, the rotting souls...

Kennedy knew some of the deep esotorical dynamics(as many well

know, politics and brotherhoods of masons are not a rare thing,no?)

and many a great thing

of political manipulation with potential of awhereness

impediment......Think not that this man did not knew that many

others did not desire the birth of this change(partially to do with

the form of economical organization, one that in short, if money is

no longer the essence of life, than, more time and less

depressions you will have...meaning that, you shall no longer

fight the evolution of your inner being...meaning that, tuning...of

sorts will happen......in short-lay-man-terms, that is the

summary), the change where

power exists,indeed, centralized, but, the meaning of

"life-constructive" forms of conduct are the main rule, and not,

Corruptness, shoe licking, arse licking, death intimidations,

economical domination, and even, global mass manipulation the

monopoly of all things......Was there a man in America that knew of

such things...?(Abraham also in the list) A man learned, that

battled for Hu-man evolution(awhereness not about monkey

tail...and even this, search you for the forbidden archaeology and

perhaps see you shall that monkey and us had in common what

already today, we already have...), and this people is THE KEY

aspect...Because if NOW, you understand not, in death all

do, the so called "SMILE of American Beauty"...the last smile of a

man in Peace...indeed, and act by an actor, but, did you not learn

something there...hummm? well, worry not, for INDEED, you

shall...sonner or later...This KEY

Aspect,if I may speak it, is that, in America there was a stemming

of an evolution of

Awhereness....why? Many answers there are, some seem so

common-sense true, yet, the "venom" behind reminds the argument of

the old witch and apple for Snow white...regardless, Fear of loss of

freedoms? Fear that the


make-"the nobles" poor? Or perhaps that the unworking people that

desired inner-change and desire to learn more of themselves, would

not pay their taxes, so government funding into, OH! So many

pointless and stupid things would not happen...hummm? Or, perhaps

not want to study the many pointless courses in many

Universities...humm?(altough a romance with knowledge one should

have...yet, so many a thing are...truly...pointless, or so lacking

in meaningful knowledge...unfinished, yet, to many they seem,

"good-like-absolute" And want perhaps to study their inner

beings, first and foremost...(perferably with out LCD´s or

acids)...yet, you need not

convince a student that Buddhism and maths do not mix, for, it was

in that ancient land that it was re-born, so many


Perhaps to some this talk of inner beings studying IS

INDEED, very weird, or, even Alienist...for many have not

been “cultivated”, taught and guided by their fathers and mothers and

many other influences, into their adulthood life to indulge in a

simple practices that can bring a great deal of...wisdom...simple

practices that allow any man to sense, feel, love, and understand

much of life.......much indeed....If you wish to know of such

practices, perhaps the viewing of "the last samurai" may give some

knowledge, tourist atraction-like, but, a powerfull begining...if

not, you must await for the next car accident that,if survive one

does, one may indeed wake to the

MANY.....Awhereness-evolution-battles.......ah!........indeed........so here







What is, LIFE? Well, to ask this has little meaning. Since to

understand life one must live it hummm:)? Yet, what life do YOU,


But, is it such a stupid question in the end? Truly? (With words

one only hopes to convey a thought, share an opinion, perhaps some

piece of wisdom, perhaps some ideas, but in the end if one is not

ready to listen, words will but words.)

It is a fact of life that all of us are within a specific level of

evolution, and this is in all areas, be them of love, of economical

wisdom, of learning inner peace...of, well, you understand.

This is then the meaning, one of them that is, of ones, potential

life...for potential we all are, and the play in this theatre of

life must be FELT!...In other words, using an analogy that i hope

can convey my thought and not make readers that are anti-Christ to

stop reading


: "The passion of Christ" :twisted:


This is not a movie abouta man being beaten-down to a gory-pulp.

It is a about a man, a NAGUAL,

a man of peace, a man of beauty, a man that wanted and "battled" for peace and

wisdom, a man of hope, a man of emotional dexterity, a man of great

inner strength, that even when is blinded-sleeping-Hu-man-simillars where

hurting him, he understood, the great aspect of all....the reasons

of his "lesson"?...or perhaps, sacrifice...

Some say stalking of human awhereness, to teach to ALL the meaning

of what is "good" and

"bad",in times of such MASSIVE Ignorance, rational(academic) or

otherwise(inner-self-awhereness), this lesson that today seems

so...outdated, is yet one of such great importance.......teaching

us the meaning of brutality of peace and,so, oh dear

simple... ...LOVE...


Hence forth, Mel Gibson knows many a thing...well

enough indeed!!!!!

This means that, you who saw, you who felt, you who may have cried

and felt the shivers in your Kundalini-spine,tell me, was the movie

actually about some inner complex plot?

Any romance? Any comedy?...Thriller? A thingies made to pass the

pointless afternoon of saturday? A Van-Helsing-pop-corn-look

a-like...hummm?...Every thing in this movie, from music to image,

acting and reality, is one of such deep poetry, such deep levels of

emotional wisdom and inner awakening...ah!...Jesus...

It was about the supposed story of Jesus, and, the meaning of

feeling, something we can thank the makers of this, "fair play",

because behind this story, of such great age, exists the simple

premise...Mel Gibson and his virtue managed to teach us, because

friends, the bible is a book that IS not!!! I repeat, IS NOT! A book

to be dismissed at first looks, not to wipe your silly behinds...It

is a Vastly complex book, of so many a thing...from personal

evolution, to the feeling of the meaning of this, such key

word..."GOD"...the book, OF WISDOM, that so much as confused its

readers..from Christians and none Christians alike,sence time

immemorial... book of

ancient wisdom...ancient indeed...That so many in their silly

arrogance thought to rewrite it...ah! silly us...


" the kingdom of god, exists in all of us....can

you not feel it...?" :



I spoke of the bible as an example, and i think it a powerful

one...Because what today I have to say(write) to many, is

something that, dear god, I would only wish it to be so simplistic

in words, and that words could transmited it all, in a direct way,

or, the way i grasp it, in terms of emotion...would be a very easy

thing...but, the challenge is in such...and challenge is the meaning

of all our life’s...Lets not make it, MORE, challenging...humm?


Think you not friends, a SIN, a TRUE one, among so many others, that

the love supposedly responsible for the creation of life, of a baby,

the love that exists within a man

and a woman, could be the one that is so much in dire need of

assistance, of comprehension, of understanding...of wisdom...????

One of the most powerful ways of love, one that brings joy and LIFE, to

LIFE!!!! And to all that surrounds us! Is the one that the least

understood is!!!Or even respected!!! Something that, the Christian

tradition, among many other religion traditions comprehends only all

to well...even if, in the middle ages, the fog was deep...deep

indeed, Regardless even now, a priest can not marry, and this a

pity is...for no more Ironic Paradox can ever

exist?!?!?!?!?!...well...This disrespect of the many "other us" to

the meaning of love is indeed a sin to our immense stupidity......

Love expresses itself in so many ways that, well, it is indeed a thing

that is of such vast complexity, so vast indeed...but, words can

never give full credit...feeling is the key.




Think well on this, for the reasons are profound and deep, and have

all to do with our understanding of what, to LOVE is,

unconditional, and how ones own behaviour modules, and

understanding of the reasons of such behaviour manifesting. Meaning

that there is INDEED, a ART, a complex STUDY, to be made, on what,

is "harmony in LOVE", and let me tell you that this more complex

for man is then for woman, yet, women also have their share of

stupidity, unfortenally...

Take these guidelines: To love, if it be of man and woman, the

romance of a couple, is one that

has the potential to be stronger then the love between mother and

child, yes, I know all to well that IT IS, a different sort of LOVE,

that is simple to see, but, the emotional ties, and

emotinal-energitacl-knots are stronger in a couple, or, have the

potential to be, far stronger...far indeed, and the reason is

simple, a FUSION happens, and this says it all...

Now, my dear friends, can you imagine when a husband or boyfriend speaks to

the loved one, that he no longer loves...? Can you comprehend a

mother saying this to a child, or her 16 years old

teenager...?...The pain and traumas? IT is worse for the child,

yet, in levels of potential, it is des-evolving for both, but it is

in this that exists a great deal of confusing, because, when things

happen, behind such happenings a reason there is, even if, see it

we can not at time, but the force that guide all beings, and

believe me, a FORCES there are, some parts of us, others in

symbiosis with us, yet, there’s always the probability that such a

lesson will be one far worse, because of the pain created...

The love in man and woman, is one of, BASICS, yet because of this, it

is one OF DIRE IMPORTANCE, and, like all knowledge’s of Self, it is

because of so many a man and woman’s ignorance of, Solid,

Self-knowledge that so many traumas end up happening, yet, I also

realise that the social aspect, one of economical nature is behind

much of the problems, yet, I also know that there exist people that

can live in a hut with love:), among nature, our Sacred mother, with

water from a lake, with food from agriculture and livestock...it is

a life that is old, and not modern in desire to the majority, yet,

some have indeed comprehended that, in retrospect, it is by FAR, the

happier sort of life...But, allow me to remind you, that there must

exist the proper conditions of this, because in certain places to

live of agriculture is not possible, meaning again the return to to

the way of the nomad, the way of the Somalian nomads

and their way of life with the camel runs...A life that to many

also has a great dealof illusory passion(since they only daydream about


In short, the restrains of

solid-physical-food-trauma-compulsion, is not one that should

restrain LOVE...and, in truth nor it Does...Yet, why in America I

sense so much PAIN, and, FRUSTRATION........!!!!In Los Angeles...it

is imprinted in the city....I need not look at the people, it is

PART of the fabric of the reality of the place!!!! There’s such a

level of human thought-pollution, and such pain imprinted there,

that, ill wager even Jesus would have a very difficult challenge

there...Very difficult indeed...regardless, ironically, some parts are

also, joyful, especially in the costal areas...The imprinting is

of joy, of wind feeling and sea smelling, of, an active intuition

that feels the kisses of mother earth, that senses the beauty of

peace, of inner calmness, of positive life-constructiveness, of the

need to KNOW the TOTALITY OF ONES BEING, and not decay, death and

life-destruction...Once a native American said that the way of the

white-man, is so sterile, so cold, so dead, so in the path of

decay, for he respects nothing, he cares for nothing but is own

EGO, in truth he is SLAVE of his mind(powerful knowledge this

is...of vast importance to all life in this planet) and EGO, he

confines his being to walls, weakens his spirit, slowly he washes

way his SELF-induced-stupidity with a mind altering

substance(booze),in self-importance he Lives, and Self-pity he

DIES.......he is lost.........And, in my emphasis cares not for his

self-awhereness and his necessity to know the information that

belongs to the heritage of being, and then, acting upon it to feel

IT, and, becoming such, part of HIS IDENTITY...What has

happened? What virus corrupted the soul of the European...? Ah!

There we come to the main theme of this post...The Evolution of

Awhereness....pops again its head, and so, does the Ugly head of

Sorcery and its manipulative ness, comes again into sight...


IN the END,ALL COMES Upon the meaning of the

labyrinth that exists to teach us the TRUE meaning of LOVE, of

loss, of pain, of beauty, of being ALIVE, of the power of

"LOVE-MAKING", and its representation on the microcosms of man, as

the parts of macrocosms, the abode above us, that in dynamics we

are a micro version of a macro version, a micro-universe...Because

of this, of our love-making being so much more than it appears, the

respect of this, POWERFULL ACT, is one that, has been forgotten

since the race Hu-man, us, started to feel the imprisoning of our

intuition and were the restraining

awhereness-jacket-of-social-conditioning with a smile.......



USING THE ART of comprehension, for to comprehend another

person is to also comprehend that within us al, since all of us are

being challenged, like it or not, matters little, to those or that,

who challenges us, our "duty", if one might call it such, is simply

to take this challenge, cry if need be, and then understood how it,

can bring us a better comprehension of our own inner selves, and

how it is responsible for evolving our own awareness and

understanding of things, our, maturity and honour......behind these

lies the mastery of the concept, of- "understanding our life in a

life-supportive way", has opposite, "life-destructive".


We must TRUST our intuition like the water of life,

for in the way that we trust those that surrounds us, shall reveals

to us our own mirrored-back anomalies, and this is of prime

importance for those that seek, their SELF-KNOWLEDGE. I would not be

considered a fool if I said that in some parts of America, a man

dying on the floor from a bullet wound sparks has much interest,

has dog poo. It is therefore hardly surprising that, it is so hard

to trust, violence dictates the need for mistrust...i would not

trust so easily, for those who we do not know can bring into our

life violence, traumas and many other

things, powerful we must be, having cleaned our own house first

and then being able to assist, those that come in need of help...

So much of Life, is based in trust, or, "contracts" of trust. Trust

of being loved, and trusted with love, important not to corrupt such

GIFT, trusted

with the caretaking of the life of

our child, another GIFT, and so not to abuse of our POWER, trusted

with the wisdom of knowing, one

day, the meaning

of harmony and peaceful living, GIFT OF REWARD OF OUR SEEKING so that those

around us can also

benefit from the simple teachings that, to aspire to self-knowledge

is the one unique meaning of peace and, LIFE.......

Trusted...to exist and strive

for, a life that is, one of CUMMUNITY...For, since all of life is

interlocked, if need we must to be alone, than KNOW, that such need

is the need to seek what around YOU, none seem to care for...the

power of self-knowledge that your intuition feels, MUST KNOW, in

rational(informational, written aspects of teachings...from CARLOS


be the key to your happiness, for it is only after years of

dedication, that light comes, and, wisdom shines, and...ultimately,

power...yet, know that in truth you, THE YOU, needs not separate

itself from the place of your normal life in order to find and

practice such teachings, yet, in the beginning it is always

advisable to do so, for the OLD HABITS, come and HUNT...and

hunted you can not be, not even by YOUR OWN OLD habits...meaning

that it is imperative to, CHANGE...yet, after a time you shall

sense that you feel peace, an INNER FOUNDATION OF POWER, that

created you have, and so, even among the dark and dirty ally-ways

of Los-Angels, you shall find your being in peace and power, and,

also in challenge! (dark allies and fight-clubs... [smile]

CAN you fight the pleasure that love brings? Feel you not the love

of your child for

you? Of your wife? Feel you not your next of kin love? Feel you not

that love is a such a deep force that binds and connects, and is

the building block of all things...? Can you not feel the opposite

of love...? The longing for love? The desire to sense love...You see

from the simplicity of the smile expression to the inner energetic

deepness that a couple shares, man and woman; can you not feel what

is pain and love? And, ultimately, the Trust behind it? hummmm? A

child knows this so well, that, is in truth so much dependent on

this type of energy expression, that ends up so easily hurt, so

very easily...oh dear god,

so hurt indeed.......


Also, can you not feel this in certain areas of this planet...hummm?

my friend...Our earth is trusted to us...gatekeepers...and, certain

places, the earth speaks to us in love...to us, early children...



Inner fights

The rational GATE :hammer:



In the areas of knowing what it means to, KNOW, and to be the

correct practitioner of a science, be it genetics or mathematics,

or medicine. For to know something is a complex thing, because many

a time we close our selves, either consciously or unconsciously, to

knowledge, many reasons.


Have you ever wondered why there seems to exist a tension within

the said New-Age people, and the Scientist? Or why there seems to

exist such a big gap in those that are considered mediums and those

that are the scientists, studying the said "powers", of such a

medium? One might say it is to verify the fraud, and indeed correct

it would be, but, is there not also a point in which a man no

longer desires to know a specific path of knowledge because he can

not look upon it without some type of inner fight coming forth.

Rational overlaps....

Reasons there are for this, and none too simple.

Be it the restriction of a scientist to read the book of Robert

Bruce, "Astral Dynamics", or the vice-versa, someone, let us say, a

"New-Age", person that feels that rocket-science as no meaning, and

that such books are like the plague.

Astral projection is within the totality of our awareness and so,

truly very important to grasp, but rocket science has its uses,

obviously. But the funny thing is, what make a being, unconsciously

or, consciously not comprehend with is intuition what IS, and IS

not? ah!!!!!!! indeed? To some many an info on astral projection

has so much importance like clouds(yet look at the importance of

clouds, humm:), if not less, yet, what has programmed a person

towards , first, not feeling the truth behind

this and hint, second, not feeling is natural tendencies towards

this "awhereness expression", third, what social-conditioning desires

the convention of a mind so that it can only see in one direction,

FORCING a person to, feel hatred almost at his OWN, inner

mystery!!!!!CAn you believe this???!!!! And those that fear

genetics do not mix with energy chrackas...????hehehe...well, know

this, man is energy, we are energy, its expressions are in way of

thought best revealed to us through the rational thought, with basis on

the "scientific thought", yet, know also this, the way to evaluate

knowledge and its, USE, or not, lies in not having a world view to

defend and knowing all things in this Universe are a mystery, even if

we actually think we understand their base workings...Our beings

are has much a mystery to those that use microscopes has also to

those that use their intuition and feeling to delve and develop

ways to harness their potential, or simply, the self-knowledge of

their own beings, to, the HAPPYNEES, fulfilment of their

lives...because to know our inner cores, is the meaning that all of us

want to know...so, a side gets frustrated because at times, it seems

like no more control they have of what is known and not known,

mostly because of the syndrome of thinking that all things are

stagnant, constant....nothing is the same, all things evolve, it is

utter foolish to think that we have the truth of all things,

because, IN THRUTH, we have nothing...or near there...

I have noticed this within myself, and I try to understand the

Regardless, also it is to blame ones own social conditioning, since

it also that one that limits our own perception, of all that

surrounds us. So, it would seem that all in all, day-by-day we are

always evolving.




Perhaps sometimes we truly feel good about ourselves, and the next

day, it seems has if something is missing. A particular happiness

seems to have vanished. The reasons for this are that, we are in

truth being hunted by a particular being.


Ask me not the reason or purpose of this, for I know of nothing of

such, regardless, a challenge is being presented, and since in our

beings, within this present level of awareness within this

planetary being, has evolved to be rather lazy, only with a

challenge can we truly see the need to awake some our own inner

potentials, this I know for sure.


And it should be rather obvious anyway. The constant awareness that

we are being challenged is a precious one, for only than, with time

can we summon within us the correct frame of mind to actually deal

with all the challenges that arise, those that from our own fates

and those that all of us are submitted to.



The meaning of life :smartbutt:


One can therefore say that one of the meanings of life is, the

value within evolving awareness, and how such is actually one of

the forces of our own race, the human, race.


And, inherent in this is the simple truth that we are all inter

connected, and it actually matters little of this is an aspect that

we like or not, for, the forces that guide us, are simple, we

either follow them or fight them, and in truth there comes a time

when we look upon life, free of the restrains of social

conditioning, much like that scene in Tom Cruise movies, a movie

that is actually a lesson, and so, more that just entertainment, in

this scene, his friend and, in a way, superior, is samurai friend

in is dying moment, sees that all the flowers of that tree, where

deeply beautiful.

Deeply poetic, and within them one could grasp some of the meanings of life.


In my opinion, such is the frame of mind of the hunter and those

above such. Because to see the world in its powerful moving beauty,

is one of the most important things, for how can a man or a woman

be sane if he has lost all contact with the powerful being that is

this earth, our mother?


You know, I can not stress enough the importance of not-doing,

within the context of our Social-Conditioning, it is one of

PRIME-importance, has always it been.



Happiness [big Grin]


Or, as Theun Mares, a nagual, writes, "this darn elusive Happiness".

I will not speak his words, although inbound with much beauty they

are, but rather, I will speak of my own experiences, in way that

they may contain something of useful. One of the answers, which I

have seen to hunting our happiness, is the harmony born from loving

this earth, from having our heart in the correct place, with honour

and wisdom, to silence our monkey minds that always make us

comprehend a distorted truth of the reality that surrounds us.


Silence is the key to silencing our "monkeys", and it is something

that must be approached with discipline and strategy, for we fight

two cunning enemies, the one that is our social conditioning, and

the one, that drives our internal-conventional- conditioned minds

into a great deal of 360 thinking.



Predator :twisted:


The flyer. The inorganic predator described by Castaneda.

To see the effects of this being, just sit and meditate, and you

will see just how a thousands reasons exist for many a thing,

regardless know that to fight this is to fight our rationality of

the reality that surrounds us, for what man or woman, can accept

that an inorganic life exists when he cares little for the

existence of those that are organic?


The answer than being, in the simple fact that first we must

experience, and in experiencing the complexities that surrounds us,

we start to erase the Social-Conditioning has well as that, that is

natural to this predatorily-Universe.


So, travel, travel and seek, seek for what exists within our own

beings. Or, simply sit and meditate, or better yet, do a

combination of both, go to the wilds, learn how to take

responsibility for your own life, and meditate has well.



Running away :worship:


I speak of taking responsibility for our lives because we only gain

it, when we search ourselves for our own food.


The simple life of the Native Americans and other tribes is much of

wise. Even if, today to many a being, it all seems too much primate

monkey-business. A pity, for in truth today it seems that animals

are beings more at peace, than many a human. But for whatever

reason today we are in such a modern world, the fact remains that

we still must seek our own totalities instead of simply escape from

one thing to the next, which seems to calm the restless soul.




From personal experience, I can say, that also Love, is one of the

foundations of all life, yet, has already I have said, it is one

that has a tendency to suffer much. The reasons should now perhaps

be simple to see, but, with evolving wisdom of silence and the

ability of following our hearts we will achieve much within life.

For the union within a man and a woman, is one that has a great

deal of meaning.



Knowing already that man never looks at the stars because he feels

that there is nothing there and so, many of us simply live in the

gutters, with our attentions totally focused in our daily-affairs,

nothing wrong with that, but, what a crime is, when one at night,

looks up, at infinity, and sees?


Rien. Nada. Zip. Nothing. Jacknuts.


And perhaps worse still feels nothing. Little wonder that death and

drugs look like a good doorway. Such is our present fate, to hit

brick walls with our heads rather than jump over them, or tear them



Love, To truly feel love, to feel ones heat to jump, to feel ones

soul within one, to jump free and in wanting of shouting that one

happy beyond all joys is truly a magical thing, that comes with

love. And, when one truly finds the woman of ones life, one feels

much different, one feels like the all the world is a powerful and

beautiful place, since in truth it is. Such is the power that

resides within the Union of a Man and a Woman. Need i say that

the microcosms of man is within the union of such love. Why is

so hard to comprehend this? FEEL this. Im certain that most have had

their hearts

broken, know you the kind of interchange that happened from you

vortex chakra of the heart

to the other being? How powerful it was?

Women beware, for it you that are more subcestible to this

pain...since most of us man are just mad...

THe reason for such madness is because they are not men, but

hu-man. Meaning that today’s world of such accumulated world male

logic, we have women that are trying to be males in their logic,

but, such is not their purpose, so they shall fail most miserably.

DO NOT BE AFRARD of being alone. You are more than you seem, and

so, do not value yourself within the indulgences that happen when

the heart is broken. The indulgences are self-pity and

self-importance, ok? They give nothing but stupidity. Trust me I

know of this.

Give your heart when you sense and know that the man or women

actually knows something in his being about the meaning of UNION. Anything less

than this, is creating pain. why would you want to?

Find the courage to break the energy line that connects you to your

lost love one, and severe them within feeling. It is hard. But know

afterwards that such lines are to be established when the true being

comes forth. HE THAT IS MAN, and SHE THAT IS WOMAN.


think or do, is manifesting itself, NOW, within your mind. INTENT

HAPPYNESS and you shall FEEL IT.




The body poetry of that a man and woman can do, for lovemaking was,

as always it has been, an aspect of love, and not something that is

done because one is in "need".


But has always, being something inherent to mans stupidity,

lovemaking is turned to pornography, and prostitution. A rather

shameful conclusion to one of the most powerful acts of all man and



And, a word of advice for my fellow men, what I write now may be

weird, granted, but the info on this is far more important than the

aspect of "shyness" or some such. In men there is a great reservoir

of energy, the sexual energy, now with, HONOUR AND RESPECT, one can

make LOVE, and also masturbation, something rather natural in all

men, although of much complexity, and understand that it is

extremely unwise to ejaculate, for in ejaculation such an action

brings forth the creative side of man, to create life, truly

bringing forth from ones genitals, the power of life upon the

purpose of is fate and destiny, and purpose is a powerful thing, as

perhaps, you may have seen in the in "the Matrix", anyway, in the

old Taoist ways of ancient China, it was well known that there

existed a point in men’s anatomy that can stop the flow of the

semen, the "point of no return" although the book I have read

advises the wise un contraction of the spams-muscules that are

responsible for the ejaculation.


So, in truth man, is multi orgasmic, regardless if he was born with

much or little energy, a fact more or lees corrected with the

regular practice of Tai Chi, Tensegrity, or other energy exercises,

so, anyway, this point is the one that lies between ones testical´s

and anus, and with two fingers one presses gently but with some

pressure, at, "the point of no return", needles to say that with

practice one gets better at it, and with time what first was hard,

will become part of ones identity, much like walking.


When applying this technique there are no side effects, for either

the sperm maintains itself within one testical´s, or, it passes

harmlessly to ones bladder, coming out that way, ones piss having a

rather denser colour, if the technique was correctly applied than,

one should feel a certain lightness and not a drain of energy,

since ones fluids are still within ones testicals, regardless one

of the most important aspects is the ability to direct this energy

through ones spine to ones vital centers, passing through the head

and then directing it to ones natural reservoir, on the belly area.


The difficulty is that our sexual nature is powerful, has it

should, and it is difficult, but, with practice it can be done, to

the point has of where one can even stop ones orgasms easily and

feel them when one wants and desires, to point of also using our

sexual creative-energy in a good way, rather than draining the life

out of us. And, using our own sexual ways in a rather natural way.


Have you have wondered how many of the "bad language" seems to pass

through the sexual act? Like, "go f**k your self", "suck my thingy"



Is it not weird that the sexual act should be so focalised with

this type of negative energy? How can one expect man and women to

respect the HONOUR of lovemaking if the language in its convention

already confuses things?


Just a thought.


Anyway important all of this is, and, in lovemaking. Where two

energies mix. I truly advise many a person to read about this, if

he has never done such. Very important.


Now, for if both are aware of the 3 c, caring, companion and

comprehension, of trust, laughter and maturity, and of course,

LOVE, than all will be well. And most of all, if both are simply

aware that is the INTENT OF LOVE that brings forth the power to a

relationship to have value and to last for a many time.


If a man can value and understand his wife, and vice versa, than

one of the most important lessons does he already know, even if, he

gives himself little credit for it.




To be alive is already meaning that we deserve to be alive, for, to

be alive, is a meaning in it self. We walk many paths in life, and

never seem to reach the end. Are we searching for something, or

someone? We journey through life, but must we do it alone, is there

truly someone who can and will share our dreams and hopes with us.


As we travel though life our paths cross many, some we will meet

and help others we will love. But there is always one who is

special, one who will give all to you, and make you complete. Can

we truly find such a one? A devotion that is so great that it

leaves all others behind.


One who will be for you and you alone? It is possible


My Dream is to be what I am, no more or less, and accepted as such

by someone. There is one. My life is not always easy, but having

someone to share, to listen when I rant, to be there when times are

good or bad, and only want to be there for me. There is one. My

love is one who will live for me, and give all she is to me,

without reservations or doubts. There is one.


That one is mine. Totally without question, without doubt. That one

is Wolf’s Mate. My love, my life, my dream.



my friends DEJA VU is THIS: A feeling that is powerful for a few

seconds or more, although such is indeed a pain. And for such time,

you KNOW WITHIN THE ESSENCE, like the narrator of a movie all that

is happening, and, going to happen, for those 50 secs or more. Is

is not viewing the future. IT IS, viewing YOUR LIFE, the life that

YOU WROTTE to yourself. Be that fro pain to evolve ones

awhereness, or to LOVE and JOY, to bring peace to a pain that was

but is no more. The result being MATURITY and WISDOM. Never forget

that you are here to learn, and so pain and joy go hand in hand.

But, if you can feel the painful times, the stressful times you

shall ready you warrior shield and sword, the shield is the

powerful technique of not becoming obsessed with anything, but

rather being calm and soaking in all the details of your life. be

this an ant, or the door knob that rotates, meaning that

someone´s coming in to the office. This KEEPS AT BAY THE

INTERTENALL dialogue that has the purpose of creating chaos and



or TENSIGRATY, and REIKI and meditation. and,

HE WAITS, and does not GIVE IN.


The only failure is the failure of not FIGHTING!


Henceforth, when nest u feel DEJA VU, try to extend that so that u

can sense the bad times, or the joy times. And get your shield and

sword ready friend.



The meaning of life is then EVOLVING AWHERENSS.

we are togain maturity...for what ends...? mystery of the UNKNOWABLE.

Seek Theun Mmres, most wise books such be, trust me o nthis, for i do not wish to mislead any.


(i apologize for any language mistakes)

Peace my friends...be wary, for you are being hunted, and at all times do you need to look over your shoulder. Keep an eye on your mind, another on your sanity, and go forth and face the four enemies of mankind. Fear, old age, power and sobriaty(in levels of arrogance), fight through the layers of the flyer and the layers of social conditioning world view, with a stoic ZEN SAMURAI attitude!!!! To serve your inner need my friend. Remember that. Only after can help others, if that is your wish.

I advise listening to LAst Samurai soundtrack and practice TAI CHI. Find the track were the warrior scream is, and FEEEEEEL IT IN YOU: FEEL THE VIBRATION OF WARRIOR HAS YOU FIGHT THESE ENEMIES!!!!!!ORDER HARMONY INTO your BEING.


GUARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!:warped: :umno: :doh: :omg: :xx: :eek2: :eek2: :eek2: :eek2: :eek2:

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You lost me after the link... I heard the words "long post" and then scanned downward. I hope you enjoy hypograhpy, but you need to practice condensing your posts to a few sentences or a single paragraph. I have other things I'm doing while I scan through Hypo, and I don't read anything more than a few sentences unless it has ALREADY caught my interest.


Best of luck, and enjoy. :confused:

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Nature doesn't care; we do.

Authority is validated by responsibility and liability.

The only safe place is behind the trigger.

Be your own cause.


If you cannot explain it using a cocktail napkin and a wet swizzle stick, you don't understand it. Maxwell is four short equations. Euclid is five postulates. The whole of General Relativity is ten short equations.


You wrote more than 500 lines and said nothing.

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And life isn't so complicated that it takes 15 zillion words to explain.


Life is infinitely complicated.


It is also not complicated at all.


Life can take 15 zillion words to explain,

It can also take one.

And that word is Life.


Hey look at all these different perspectives and opinions.

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So what if his post is long?


Freedom of speech!

Orby, not all of us have mastered your advanced posting techniques. ;) Why say it in one post of 500 sentences, when you can make 500 posts of one sentence each?


Welcom to Hypography, uhh... give me a minute while I scroll back to the top and find you name...


Brevity is the soul of wit.



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