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  1. If we give you the answer, who earns the "A"? Science is not difficult, science is rigorous in derivation and consistent with empirical observation. If you are not conversant with reality go into the arts, management, or politics. Google "coil gun" 51,400 hits "Lenz's law" 176,000 hits levitate frog 2 million hits Jefferson Lab's Workbench Projects - The Ring Fling Machine - Main Index
  2. There are wide ranges of rhodopsin mutation variants. If your genetics are SOP then your perception is probably SOP in kind.
  3. 1) Concentrated hydrogen peroxide rapidly diffuses through intact skin until it hits living tissue. Living tissue has catalase. The hydrogen peroxide then microdetonates into subcutaneous bubbles of oxygen. The pain is awesome. 2) Concentrated hydrogen peroxide can be detonated by traces of transition metals such as iron or copper. 3) Hair bleach uses ca. 30% hydrogen peroxide. It is on the Homeland Severity watch list re ketone peroxide explosives.
  4. If the bb were a strong magnet Magnets : United Nuclear , Scientific Equipment & Supplies shoot it through a tightly wound narrow solenoid connected to a tiny LED (no ballast resistor). With a bb machine gun and a dry film capacitor you might pull it off... if the projectiles had aligned poles. if not, the induced voltages average to zero.
  5. Las Vegas pay back at least 90% by local law. Payback is often 95+%; blackjack is about even-odds for a skilled player. Lottos pay back no more than 50% overall and exact hefty penalties for lump sum payments. The average state lotto player recovers about a nickel for every dollar invested
  6. 1) Time is homogeneous. 2) Noether's thereoms. 3) Mass-energy is locally conserved. Modality is irrelevant.
  7. Google echinacea amides 11,900 hits Google Images echinacea amides 1310 hits US Pat. 7183432 http:// hydroxy fatty acids, thia fatty acids, fatty acid amides, methoxy fatty acids, keto fatty acids, oxo fatty acids Common Cold
  8. One million degrees F = 555,265 K Emissivity varies as the fourth power of the absolute temperature, Stephan-Boltzmann law. Work out your silly power dissipation, R = e(sigma)(T^4) where: R = radiated power, watts/cm^2 e = emissivity, 0-1 sigma = 5.6703 x 10^(-12) watt/cm^2-T^4 T = absolute temperature You will also be curious about its wavelength emission maximum, Wien's displacement law, lambda(max) = [2.898x10^(-3)] m/T 0.29 cm/(555,265 K) = 0.522x10^(-6) cm = 5.22 nm, 238 eV/photon We call those "x-rays." Chemical bonds top off at 3 eV. Run the numbers. Stooopid results
  9. Wolfram Alpha is also Mathematica on-line. Give it a whack, Wolfram|Alpha
  10. Na2SO4 is an industrial dead end. It was discarded by bulking out laundry detergent. Look up black liquor recycle in papermills. FeCl3 is discarded through water treatment, for precipitating muck when aluminum in alum is recognized as being (neuro)toxic.
  11. Not SuperGlue! Carpenter's yellow glue - and keep it off your hands (thin latex gloves). Use just enough as a very thin layer on both sides, no more. Meat or wood, what carpenters glue sticks together does not come apart. Clamp overnight with http://www.ted-kyte.com/3D/Pictures/Paper%20Clamp.jpg or http://www.ted-kyte.com/3D/Pictures/Paper%20Clamp2.jpg http://www.istockphoto.com/file_thumbview_approve/5816881/2/istockphoto_5816881-radio-tower.jpg One presumes it will be pyramidal, right? Note missing third side. Measure twice, cut once. You are not in this to build a tower, you a
  12. I was made aware of the power of symmetry arguments. For strong interactions, yes. For continuous symmetries and Noether's theorems, yes. For perturbative treatments, yes by default. Physics fundamentally assumes the universe and its mirror image function identically. For weak interactions, empirically no. For discontinuous symmetries and Noether's theorems, mathematically no. For perturbative treatments, failure by default. Physics is rich with parity violations "outside" derived theory, from teleparallelism to Yang and Lee to right hand rules. One might argue that the whole of ph
  13. That means that you need to increase the mass of molten salt from 12100 lbs to 513,000 lbs. Obviously a Green solution (runs with government subsidies and customer wallet rape). NaNO3-KNO3 eutectic was used for high temp melting point fluid in undergrad labs. It is a monster oxidizer and can attack metal. It slowy decomposes at hight temps, liberating oxygen. Break a hot Thiele tube of tehs tuff over an epoxy lab bench and WHOOMP! Crisco was an economic replacement. The system is predicted to have an annual efficiency of 99% That's crap at face value, merely for the insulation loss
  14. When you get to the bottom of a hole, stop digging. Project status: I've got 947K points total for glycine gamma-polymorph less 13,000 points that must be rerun (about 6 hrs). The 302K new points will be added to the original stack, duplicates (there should not be any, but "should" is not good enough) will be removed. Least squares fit for slope and intercept, then graph the points. If it mirrors theory, even better. gamma-Glycine is nice because compute time varies as atoms/volume and (radius^2). A very tightly packed crystal lattice is faster to compute to a given number of contained
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