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70K Challenge!


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For my birthday yesterday I posed a challenge: Make us reach 70,000 posts by the end of November 22 (midnight) EST and I will donate $100 to the Chrysalid: Katrina Relief CD project.


Due to the really hard work some of the folks put into this, Ihave extended the deadline to 3pm EST today (Wednesday)! So there is still a fair chance to make it!


In addition, all money made from people who sign up for Science Forum Sponsorships today will also go straight to the project.


What is the Katrina Relief CD project?

It is a project where 40 musicians from all over the world have teamed up to create a unique double CD. All the proceeds will be shared between the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity.


So far we have raised $4,000 - even before the CD is finished! When the master was delivered for manufacturing last week, we had taken 171 paid preorders!


Read more about the Katrina Relief CD project here:



Read more about our subscriptions here:



And please...no post padding, please. :shrug:

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It seems a lot of people are busy preparing for thanksgiving.

___This year I'm actually traveling to gather for the feast & all I have to do is hurry up & wait.

So, we must to be quick....600 posts its not an easy task!

___Looks like about 7 hours left; I love a challenge (well...I'm sometimes fond of specific challenges). I just ask myself WWTD (What Would Tormod Do?) :QuestionM

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