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Global Democracy: a world-systems perspective

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As far as I can tell, the essay you linked to was written sometime around 2000 or 2001, when Western countries and particularly the USA were at their peak of power and influence. Talk of a possible global democracy would not have seemed out of the question back then.

The world has changed tremendously since that time and presently China and Russia are in the ascendancy while the USA is experiencing a serious decline in power, prestige and influence in the world. Although it must be said the US military capability is second to none.

Today it would seem more appropriate to be considering if a possible global socialism would work as a global government. Either that or will there be a global world war brought on by the clash of the ascending socialist/communist authoritarian states with the declining democratic republic of the USA and the rest of the free world?

To answer your question in the most direct manner: “Do you think that a global democracy would work as a global government?”: No! Not a chance!

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