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Mankind’s Missing Puzzle Pieces: The “Deleted” Genes That Made Us Human

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On 5/11/2023 at 8:51 PM, Moontanman said:

I'd rather hear what you think it means, to me it's just standard evolution. 

I agree.

It may seem odd that it was deletions to our genome that made us human rather than insertions, but this is probably what we should expect as deletions occur more frequently than insertions.

Patterns of Insertion and Deletion in Mammalian Genomes:

“By examining the homologous protein sequences, de Jong and Rydén (1981) observed that deletions of amino acids occurred about four times more frequently than insertions [5]. Deletion events also outnumbered insertions for processed pseudogenes [6-9]. Deletions are about twice as frequent as insertions for nuclear DNA, and in mitochondrial DNA, deletions occur at a slightly higher frequency than insertions [10]. Deletion events are also found more common than insertions in both mouse and rat [11-13].”

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