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Homopolar motor rotation in Vacuum

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3 hours ago, StoyanNikolov said:
Hi again,
I've found interesting video.
Roller homopolar motor :
Roller Motor
Do you think the motor from 1:08 min Will self rotate in Vacuum/Space
(No other forces : Gravitational or Other type.)
Thank you in advance. 
Roller motor.jpg

I see no reason why it wouldn't rotate in a vacuum, why do you think it wouldn't? 

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1 hour ago, OceanBreeze said:

I am fairly confident it will spin in a vacuum because the spinning is self-referential, that is, it does not spin with reference to anything other than itself.

Some people may confuse rolling with spinning. Of course, it cannot roll in a vacuum as that requires an external surface to roll on.

I think you're correct, I think the wire would tend to rotate instead of the battery though. 

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15 hours ago, StoyanNikolov said:

Thank you for the Reply. 

How much you are confident it will self rotate?

I've asked this topic in other forums and the opinions were not 

so confident.

I am pretty much 100% confident that wire would rotate around the battery but the battery is heavier than the wire I would think. 

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