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Are comets signs for the mankind?


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When there was comet Borisov 2019 soon begun Covind pandemia. 

And within one month there comes an another Comet again C 2022 E3 .

It is Green in color. Has anybody used for instance Stellarium to find out if Hunger or diseases are shown in the stars? 

I Believe that because of its Green color C 2022 E 3 is some kind of a sign. 

We see about that?


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I happened to read a book from Harun Yahya: Prophet Isa and Hazrat Mahdi pdf.

It says that 1400 years after 622 AD nations will gather around Hazrat Mahdi. He will have his flag to be flag of all the flags.

Could this Green comet C 2022 E3 be sign of that incident. So shall we see all nations to gather around Mahdi or not? What you think about this possibility? 

Of course it may occur that this book is not so reliable than I think it is. This message is kind of news that may turn out to be a duck.


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