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  1. I used a different method to determine how many language families there are. I supposed that each Word's main Component is the middle syllable and what other words it might be near. So I turned the First and last syllables of each Word vice versa for instance WATER = AW ATE RE , middle part of the word is the only important thing. I guess that First and last syllables are only addons in every language. Only thing that matters is middle syllable. When I tried this method I Found out only four language families. Sorry I can not Write better now . I try later to tell more.
  2. Hi, Is Internet already a conscious universe of its own? Who actually wrote Terminator 3 movie? A human being or the internet as a conscious universe of its own. Like a universe can come out of Brahma's belly and be spread over the emptiness or space same goes with the internet. It was spread upon the whole earth very quickly. It is already having its own brains and consciousness - perhaps? And it may be controlling already many things on its own. These kind of thoughts came into my mind when I read a gnostic book called The Gospel of Truth. So was it a mistake to build the internet? Or are
  3. Hi, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_topics_characterized_as_pseudoscience It is funny how some 1960s Encylopaedias still had many pseudoscience points of views. For instance Nazi period personality analysis. Can it be so that inside the science is the greatest risk to get involved with pseudoscience? At least during some times of the history. I mean that when I read those Astrology personality analysis I find them often be quite possible but when I read personality analysis of psychology I am astonished. Of course for instance Myers-Briggs personality stuff is already put on that l
  4. Hi, If there is going to be 5G what benefits it brings along? What kind of visions or dreams you have got? I read from one old poem a vision like there is going to be helmets that have a modern telescopes in top of them. Small telescopes you can connect together and have an image joined together for instance from 100 such a helmet telescopes. And those telescopes could be having even honeycomb mirrors or segmented mirrors? But this is just from a very old poem and perhaps not interesting at all. I do not know if such a vision is anyhow possible to fulfill using future tehcnology. Perhaps it
  5. Hi, One sentence in an ancient book: Put a good berry into bird cherry tree! is for me a good source of inspiration to try change the genetics of that hackberry tree. So far as I know yet there is nobody thinking of that. Is the reason not to think about it linguistic. Scientists DO NOT DARE TO CHANGE THE BERRY OF BIRD CHERRY TREES BECAUSE OF ITS NAME: THE BERRY THAT BELONGS TO BIRDS. Of course there may be other reasons too. Not all Blueberries are picked from the forests so there is no need for berries so much than I think. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prunus_padus Actually there m
  6. Hi, I saw in YouTube a video claiming that soul may weight 23 grams. But that is merely a joke I Guess. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/21_grams_experiment However it is very easy to make up a Sci-fi story about that experiment. When I read some gnostic texts I got an idea that the SPIRIT may be covered inside a micro black hole. And how come that micro black holes are in minium about 22 micrograms. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Micro_black_hole In principle, a black hole can have any mass equal to or above about 2.2×10−8 kg or 22 micrograms (the Planck mass) So if those experiments
  7. Hi, Yes there is no Great Revolution precisely every 300 years. But almost (within +- 60 years) then. Of course there is no need to mix religious stories and fairytales with history as science. But still I refuse to close my eyes and to have any blind spots. Of course for instance The book of Enoch is full of fairytales and that book includes the story of Exodus about two thousand (+-) years earlier than Moses claim it to be happened. Moses likely did not exist PS There is absolutely no historical evidence the mythical Jesus ever existed. I would agree very eagerly but prophet Muh
  8. ""You believe in a false God. All of this is nonsense as you are using a "False Timeline". What about 90 million years ago was there raptor Jesus?"" Time has not been a problem for me or anybody else since Albert Einstein's theories. Of course there has been "ZILLIONS" of years or as well only 10000 years which is accepted possibility by Einstein theories too. But I do not close my eyes if there is a clear evidence of a certain cycles in the history. This saying : History repeats itself may as well be true than false. Those 300 years Revolutions may seem to be religious or cultural revolutio
  9. Hi, 4200 BC Aadam 3900 BC 3600 BC 3300 BC 3000 BC 2700 BC 2400 BC Noah 2100 BC Abraham 1800 BC Josef 1500 BC Moses 1200 BC Eknaton? 900 BC Salomon 600 BC Nebukadnessar 300 BC Alexander the Great 0 BC Jesus 300 AD Contantin the Great 600 AD Muhammed (pbuh) 900 AD Closters, Munks, Cluny 1200 AD Dominicans, Jesuits and so on Knights 1500 AD Protestants 1800 AD French Revolution 2100 AD Veda Revolution (India) 2400 AD ???? Can it be just a coincidence that those greatest men of world history appeared 600 BC, 300 BC, 0 BC, 300 AD, 600 AD ??? I can easily see that there is some kind of cycle of
  10. Hi, My opinion is that number 8 is not significant but there were perhaps 13 double-pilars going around the middle of the circle. And two seats inside the circle. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naimi%E1%B9%A3%C4%81ra%E1%B9%87ya_(forest) See the picture of sitting men in the link above. 13 men and 2 leaders. A Legend that may somehow concern the STONEHENGE but of course I am not sure about that is below. Those in India believe that this forest has been situated always in India. But I have got a clue that WATER BODY means an island and that all circle temples around the world are the same
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