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Carbon - The STRANGEST Element on Earth! Video


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I have to go with Carbon also, not least of the reasons why is that all life forms on earth are Carbon based, including us. The reason for this is Carbon is capable of forming more compounds than all other elements combined.

I must admit that I do have high regard for Bismuth, not least because bismuth subsalicylates are the principle ingredient in Pepto-Bismol, on which I rely heavily for treatment of my bleeding gastric ulcer.😩

Another reason to like bismuth is it is a Diamagnetic material. When exposed to a magnetic field, Diagmagnetic materials create a repulsive field in response. So, with some strong magnets, you can make bismuth levitate. What’s not to like about that?




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20 hours ago, Vmedvil said:

Why do you think that Boron is the strangest element and not carbon?

Boron has a similar affinity for other elements, borons chemistry is quite complicated but it suffers from being rare compared to carbon. Boron even form Bucky balls like carbon. 

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