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Microtubule, the little engine that could.

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Amazing. This means we needn’t worry about the brain but math and the nanites. James Bond no time to die came out over a year ago.

If they didn’t develop a cancer killing genome that is editing software a year ago I’d be surprised. They’d benefit from sneaking it in a covid shot mind you. We might already be immortal and not know it.

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Theoretically it should be possible to introduce a continual cell renewal, but for complex organisms in nature it may be easier to make whole new copies rather than a process of continual cell by cell division which does introduce anomalies over time. Mitosis is not absolutely perfect all the time.  We can see the physical imperfections that are a result of aging.  Apparently what we have is the best nature can do with us, if we follow it's known "healthy lifestyle" and don't kill each other.

btw. Cancer killing drugs prevent microtubules from "unregulated mitosis" , the continual unwanted creation of new but unnecessary cells.

otoh. By stimulating microtubule cell neural growth we may be able to avoid the unwanted death of neural cells in the brain.

This is what Stuart Hameroff was working on before he met Roger Penrose.

Note @ 30:00 the formation of cellular structures. If you have watched Robert Hazen's lecture about the possible processes of self-organizing cell formation as the precursor to abiogenesis, these  independent findings seem to confirm each other.


If the "pleasure principle" is true , does that confirm the universal mathematics of Platonic structures that offer Balance, Symmetry, and Resolution of instability?   I know this gets into woo, but no one can claim anything with absolute certainty at this level.


p.s. feelgood = a function of homeostasis = a physical expression of electrochemical balance (symmetry).

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