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  1. The reports say such that Naval officers vanished while fighting in a bar (which was in a Twilight Zone Episode) and that the USS Eldridge also teleported in what's known as The Philadelphia Experiment. I think my experience tops any report because I witnessed it firsthand, but even the Naval Officers event, being a Twilight Zone Episode, adds to it more credence that it was real (and it was originally a Newspaper report as far as that goes, but obviously a real one if there was a Twilight Zone Episode based on that article)
  2. Now, IDC about reports but lately there's been an unusual amount in my life of teleportation. Driving, my phone appearing in a spot that I had looked for it and clearly wasn't there in fact it's unusual for that to happen because I use it so much, a discarded mattress ending up by the side of the road from a dumpster, a blade I practice suddenly has a doppelganger with a different number on it, same type, and slightly different saraded edge design. Not something in stock. Personal experience is often undervalued.
  3. The two are not correlated, the balls in ufo sightings do show signs of intelligent maneuverability (as well as vanishing and reappearing like a spotlight) so those events with the triangle are correlated as well as instances of teleportation
  4. Because the only reason a hologram would be tracked on radar is temperature inversions, atmospheric pressure and electric supercells or electron currents. But photons don't get picked up on radar https://www.6sqft.com/spotlight-jason-arthur-sapan-makes-holograms-at-nycs-only-holography-gallery/
  5. The Batwing is out there, the nature of it's origins (psycho cyborg alien astronauts from the futures) are irrelevant speculation as to the fact that it's out there, stable fusion capable.
  6. There's a difference between applying your own creative license and throwing a gif of the real USS Nimitz pilot encounter, which is what he did. And analyzing the data of the anomoly to determine facts about how the thing works, what it does, how it does it. The Nimitz got hit with fake holoprojections that's it.
  7. This isn't what it actually looks like Neither is this Kenneth Arnold had it clocked in at 1700 mph with a size at 180 feet So many times they get the size wrong too, it's not a mile wingspan like in Phoenix lights You can't trust these eyewitness reports there is a real video that matches my specs drawn out perfectly down to the three indents in the middle and sides due to x shaped carbon nanotubes crossing . So you actually have millions of layers of carbon nantube x crosses, stacked atop one another leaving gaps for the
  8. The dimensions of the real UFO are that of omuomuo, you know 10 times longer (it's wingspan) than it is wide, it's essentially a wingspan of .33 miles or 1.5 aircraft carriers. It is incredibly light and durable, vastly long single strands of carbon nanotubes form an x shape that is really strong even though the x is 16 km, and the 16 km tubes in that x are is .0000000001 meters wide. It could use antimatter propulsion but that would waste too much fuel, so it uses fusion, and also enough fusion to convert moscovium to micro BH at the top of the fusion caldron in the front of the win
  9. Okay, these glowing orbs that the real UFO seen here Holoprojects from miles away and actually gets our crafts to chase what is essentially just an optical illusion made of solid light and ball lightning effects
  10. I know what it is. When you effect a microcausal system remotely it effects it in the past when they were in local proximity before dispersing. Moreover I can mathematically patch the decoherence, because the remote system is either a or b, we only know b but a is the most simple algebra.
  11. No, that's not why this is a joke, it's unfortunately because of your math skills.
  12. Would you like cheese to go with all that wine? You need want my advice? ENROLL IN A MATH CLASS! You're 36 years old for Chrjsts sake, you're running out of time to learn maths. Luckily, I know plenty of professors who could maybe even teach the likes of you.
  13. I wouldn't be surprised if they already had a moon and a mars base because we do have fusion rockets and organisms self-replicate. But you can't replicate materials that don't occur naturally like on Mars you won't find tungsten atoms, or certain electronic or industrial components, because you can't transmutate anything smaller than a molecule without fission and fusion and particle accelerators which already require more material and energy than you could both transport, build, and fuel with a space mission, and actually many molecules themselves don't recombinate into certain other molecule
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