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  1. Also, don't forget to add up all of the x and y coordinates in separate matrices of the same vector; & then add all but one, then all but two, etc But they already did that judging by the image. What they didn't, and what they can't do because they don't have the geometric proof yet, was the gravitational interactions through dimension 4.
  2. Btw tie the knot is a euphemism for living rent free in her head Such things should come naturally to me, and if it were up to anybody it would be the same so lasers
  3. Explain to me why I can figure out how to tie scattered light into a sustained knot using polarized light filters yet I can't figure out how the the hell to tie different types of rope efficiently These areas of the brain should be under the control of me, regardless. If it better suited my needs to tie rope than figure out how lasers work, then I should not be figuring out how lasers work! And who controls the development of the molecules in my cells that controls these parts of the brain? Dark matter organisms. And they give you sheeple shortcuts, but they let your DNA copy wrong so you
  4. Funny you say 2 You can rapidly jump fr 2 to any other level, you skip 1 to get to 2, and once you get to 2 it's just kinda broke And it's not really a 2, because you only need 15-22% of the sunlight We'll say a 1.15 will suit our needs. That can be a type V ya know
  5. Jakes gonna claw Todd's dick off is what I got from reading this
  6. I can't remember who aided me in constructing this amalgamated mesh of a "language" I speak but some "professor" somewhere taught me it's proper Grammer to put "I" last, whelp, I say nay. It is proper grammar, if said individual is myself, to put I before you.
  7. Honestly society and I (notice I put myself last) don't seem to really be capable of seeing eye to eye so I'll just say this. There's line, if you're not with me on this line in the sand, then youre against me
  8. As u can tell I didn't really read more than a letter of your post what you were on about. I think I may have overlooked it because it's been intentionally placed by those in softcore PC power here, or hacked into mod accounts whichever
  9. X is a strong structure in general We hear Neil Tyson say it, a-symmetric advantage, before going off on how strong wood made boats more hollow so there was more space and they could be heavier, then the transition from wood to steel increased that exponentially
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