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Is this evidence AI is becoming more intelligent?

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Asking the question ‘Is google getting smarter?’ gave result numbers increasing from about 78 million before June 2022 to 4.4 billion in August 2022:-

78 million 7th February 2020 (scienceforums top result)

132 million 25th June 2022 (scienceforums 3rd top result)

3.91 billion 28th July 2022 (scienceforums 4th top result)

4.0 billion 2nd August 2022 (scienceforums 3rd top result)

4.4 billion 11th August 2022 (scienceforums 5th top result)

Asking a variety of other questions has not shown any such increases in result numbers. Could this be the A.I. advancing to a whole new level of intelligence by acquiring a curiosity about itself? Personally, I think it is and hopefully, this is a positive development.

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I think it is evidence that the network is growing and as it grows it does get more complex. The increased complexity could probably be interpreted as more intelligent, but the increase in intelligence so far seems to be minuscule. At some point, however, there may be a breakthrough where the intelligence makes a great leap forward. That may or may not be a good thing! 

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