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The paradoxical effect of the cosmos


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The paradoxical effect of the cosmos is a subliminal natural effect that misleads people in its states of delusion.

In the observable universe, this effect subliminally renders various forms of natural cognitive paradox by negating the observations of natural phenomena in a typical obfuscated manner.

A resolved example in modern astronomy for illustrating how the actuality of a natural phenomenon is being subliminally negated, is the perceptive with the transcendental perspective for perceiving how the Sun in its localized perception appears as rising from the east horizon.

Sunrise is merely a relative motion illusion rendered with the perception as perceives on the rotating Earth.

As a matter of fact, the Sun is not moving in the motion like it apparently seems to be; the apparent observation for the motion of a morning rising Sun is paradoxically a cognitive contradiction of its actuality.

The observed motion of the Sun is naturally an observational delusion that is being perceived on the Earth in a subliminally obfuscated manner.

The natural negation of this cognitive paradox on sunrise is caused by its subliminally negated circumstances, which render the observational delusion with its localized perception from an apparently motionless Earth that actually rotates.

For past millenniums in the illusions of knowing about the sunrise phenomenon as a result of being incognizant of its delusion, people from all over the whole wide world across many cultures at different timelines were generally misled by its cognitive paradox. As thus, the elites have had fallaciously established all possible forms of geocentric model by claiming the Sun revolves around a non-rotating Earth as empirically observed.

The illusion of knowing is unresolvable in the delusion of its cognitive paradox.

A manifested paradoxical effect can consistently fool us with the cognitive paradox rendered in its state of delusion.

With manifold negating factors that are subliminally manifested, the paradoxical effect of the cosmos causes natural phenomena to be intermingled with multifarious cognitive paradoxes for their apparent observations. As thus, these delusional observations would always paradoxically render as enigmas by obfuscating to contradict their actualities in the combinations of their subliminally negated circumstances. These enigmas of the natural phenomena are thus rendered in their manifold delusional observations, and therefore they are counterintuitive, mysterious, confusing, and paradoxically misleading.

In the observable universe, the apparently observed natural phenomena that are being paradoxically rendered in all possible manners of their subliminally negated circumstances, are extensive and overwhelming.

Paradoxically, the Sun is not in the motion that appears to be rising from the east horizon as apparently observed, it is not stationary like it had been believed to be so with the putative laws of physics that assert heliocentrism, and it is also not the center of the Solar System like it was being thought as with the current conventional wisdom; nothing could be further from the truth than these false facts that were established in all the delusions about the Sun.

See the UVS subtopics on "The cognitive paradox fallacy in Copernican heliocentrism" that elaborates on the unisonal vortex mechanism of the Solar System with its cognitive paradox resolved in its transcendental perspective, "The vortically manifested planetary orbitals" that elaborates on the vortical nature of the Solar System, and the UVS topic on "Sunspot" that elaborates on the transcendental perspectives for resolving more than a dozen mysterious phenomena about the Sun.


The above introduction posted herein was gleaned and reorganized from my webpage on "The paradoxical effect of the cosmos".

For those interested to better absorb this proposed aspect of the cosmos, please visit the above webpage for the full content of this topic illustrated with images, animations, as well as for accessing the hyperlinks to the definitions for the specific terminologies, associated topics, external sources, etc.

This is the philosophical tenet of my cosmology treatise titled as "Universal Vortical Singularity", abbreviated as UVS.

For those curious onlookers interested to explore this cosmology treatise, it is recommended to read its "Preface" first before the leap.

And I hope readers would enjoy reading my work that approaches cosmology from an entirely different perspective. 

Nonetheless, I prefer the discussions in this thread to be largely kept in the philosophical aspect of this topic.




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20 hours ago, sluggo said:

Verboseness is ugly and annoying, 

like the commercial that repeats the phone number as many times as possible in 5 sec, hoping you will call!

While others have had preferred detailed elaborations on this subject title, my apology you had found it as verbose.

Nonetheless, the OP could be succinctly phrase as: “The entire observable universe is subliminally paradoxical.” 

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