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  1. Marcos; Presenting more experimental evidence won't help, since you have decided beforehand that it's false based on your preconceived notions. I watched the video you cited. Poor quality, a show & tell, where the person learned a new word 'gamma'. He used it repeatedly, and conveyed nothing.
  2. Marcos; Which part of this diagram shows any inertial frames of reference? Which part of an airplane flight is inertial? None are, so any math used to calculate imaginary time dilation would need to NOT simple be the math of Lorentz which is ONLY valid for pure inertial frames. Yet that's what they used, the wrong equations. In this diagram, which of the clocks on planes G and E would lose time and which would gain time? They both would experience time dilation, none could possibly experience negative time dilation, yet that's what they claimed. Clearly they were l
  3. Marcos; Sorry for my lack of focus. In the HK experiment, there are other ways to represent it, especially since it involves absolute motion, rotation in 2 dimensions. There is no reciprocal td. The view is from above the South pole, showing the clocks varying speed of rotations relative to the earth center, and why the center is the common origin for this case. Since the earth radius R is 6400km, the aircraft paths would be very near the surface, and are shown at exaggerated heights for comparison. The speeds in km for W, G, and E would be 800, 1600, and 2400 respec
  4. Marcos; [Each plane flew a circle slightly larger than that of the ground clock for approx.48 hrs. That is a distance.!] BUT also this applies for the Velocity v. We must have to distinct variables as they are not the same! We must have v and v’. [How can there simultaneously be two different rates of separation for two observers moving past each other???] You're not there yet. On the left, your example: U the ref. frame, A with v=.2, and K with v=.5. The event is (K at 500). Coordinates for K, U(500, 1000) Coordinates for A, U(200, 1000) A c
  5. Marcos; After reading 'Did H and K prove Einstein wrong': The actual result was that the westward travelled clock increased in its time rate (more time had elapsed) and the eastward travelled clock decreased in its time rate. [All clocks lost time. The west clock lost less than the ground clock which lost less than the east clock. 1) Inertial motion can only be referenced to the physically privileged frame of the “universe” which is an absolute inertial system. [There is no absolute rest frame in Special Relativity.] Surprisingly, only when the train travels due
  6. Marcos; I checked out the Khan site and it's not very good. Cluttered with too much stuff, a pointer and narration that's too fast to follow. No surprise it's confusing. Here is summation of results from the HK experiment. Notice, there are both types of time dilation. Included a reprint of the original article. Around-the-World Atomic Clocks In October 1971, Hafele and Keating flew cesium beam atomic clocks around the world twice on regularly scheduled commercial airline flights, once to the East and once to
  7. Marcos questioned details of the Msd and asked for examples of lc and td. x' = g(x-vt) = 1.25(.6-.6*1) = 0 t' = g(t-vx) = 1.25(1-.6*.6) = .8 g (gamma) is missing, if only there was a standard format for forums! all fonts don't translate!
  8. Marcos; In fig.3 U is in the ref. frame, and A is moving relative to U at .6c or .6. The observation time is Ut=0 to Ut=1. The red line transfers the A time to the U time scale, showing the A clock ran at 80% of the U clock rate. The graphic also shows A thinks/perceives she is at the small circle. The light line is just for perspective. The coordinate transformations for event (A arrives at .6 marker). U(x, t) = U(.6, 1) x' = ( (x-vt) = 1.25(.6-.6*1) = 0 t' = ( (t-vx) = 1.25(1-.6*.6) = .8 A(0, .8) in agreement with the graphic. A's current po
  9. Marcos; The brain is an image oriented organism, which is why pictures work so well in story telling. Pictures also show detail and relations that would require much text and be less effective. In the Newton era, light speed was assumed to move through space instantaneously. Fig.1 is a traditional time and space graph. Time um are seconds, distance um are meters. If Newton could have sent a light signal (blue) to the moon and back, elapsed time would be 2.5 seconds. He would not be able to explain the 2.5 sec delay. The problem is the disparity of 1 sec to 3(10)^8
  10. google 'minkowski spacetime diagrams', there are many.
  11. HallsofIvy; With repeating values that alter the value of the expression as it is extended. Repeating 0’s are redundant, the expression doesn’t change.
  12. Omni; Science is still discovering new things in all fields. That is enough to conclude science doesn't have complete knowledge of everything. Photo receptors are biological structures and pixels are electro-mechanical devices that work to simulate that portion of vision. Similar but not equivalent. The graphical representations are according to current understanding in medical science. Science as in all knowledge is a process of constant refinement.
  13. Omni; We don't have to know how things work, to experience the benefits. People watch TV for entertainment or educational purposes, without understanding the electronic processes that produce it. You don't have to know chemistry to bake a cake. PBS provides access for me to musical performances at places like Lincoln Center, which wouldn't be available otherwise. The enjoyment is in the hearing, and doesn't require any analysis on the part of the listener (unless you are a music critic). It's also a case of the total being greater than the sum of its parts (if in an auditorium for a live
  14. Omni; One of the real world problems in vision is cataracts. A common deterioration of vision that occurs slowly over time, and goes unnoticed until it interferes with daily life. The good news, it's fixable with replacement lenses. I have had it done and am amazed at the improvement in quality of vision. I agree with Evolute who is putting things in perspective, which is lacking in your question.
  15. Omni; [Check the images of Saturn on the NASA site, and notice how much detail there is, especially within the rings! There is no degrading of detail for the distance involved. Notice the progressive increase in resolution of current TV displays, with photo quality pictures.]
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