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One Aion - Age is 490 years


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JW are teaching 360 years Aion and their predictions are often wrong. 

One Aion is 490 years.

For every thing there is the own Aion. If there are lists in the Bible for each word in the list there is One Aion. 2nd Peter 1:5-7

Faith 0-490 AD, Virtue 490-980 AD, Knowledge 980-1470 AD, Temperance 1470-1960 AD, Patience 1960-2450 AD, Godliness 2450-2940 AD, Brotherly kindness 2940-3430 AD, Charity 3430-3920 AD. 

It is also in the book of Daniel One Aion is 70 yearweeks,  70x7 years, 490 years.

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Daniel 9:24

Aion determined Upon your people and holy City 490 BC-0 AD

Aion to finish the transgression 0 AD - 490 AD

Aion to Make end of sins 490 AD - 980 AD 

Aion to Make reconciliation for iniquity 980 AD - 1470 AD 

Aion to bring in everlasting righteousness 1470 AD - 1960 AD 

Aion to seal UP the vision and prophecy 1960 AD - 2450 AD 

Aion to anoint the most holy 2450 AD - 2940 AD 


And everything in the history proves that those things really happened. 

For instance everlasting righteousness was fullfilled when Constitution and Human Rights were invented. 

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And 980 AD - 1470 AD RECONCILIATION FOR INIQUITY was fullfilled when Rome invented:



Just for that purpose.

My Aim is to Make Bible reading more interesting and easier.

Every word in the Bible can be associated to a One certain Aion or Age. At least in the many lists that Bible includes. 

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However John of Damascus in his Book : AN EXACT EXPOSITION OF THE ORTHODOX FAITH says one Aion (Age) is any number of years between 0 to 1000 years. 

So when we use for instance 700 years mentioned in Kalevala as the lenght of one Aion there is as good historic value as 490 years give.

All we have to knows is some good starting point for instance the birth of Abraham about 2200 BC.

Daniel 9:24 goes then like:

2200-1500 BC Building of the nation and the city. And Jacob made the jewish nation to rise in Egypt.

1500-800 BC To finish transgression. And Moses and Exodus was just 1554 BC.

800 - 100 BC the Law is sealed and closed. And Kings of Judah made just so. 

100 BC - 600 AD Reconciliation for iniquity. And Jesus tried to do just so.

600 - 1300 AD Everlasting Righteousness. And this was rise of Islam, European kings and closters and Church of Rome.

1300 - 2000 AD Prophesy and Vision is confirmed with a seal. And Renessance plus Reformation was then.

2000 - 2700 AD the Most Holy is Annointed. This will happen this Aion.


So we see that every effort to make sense concerning the Aions may be just waste of time???







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By the way there is one Funny coincidence concerning this 700 years as the lenght of one Aion.

It is predicted that Mahdi arrives 1400 years from the Muhammed (saas). But Muhammed (saas) himself arrived 1400 years from the beginning of Olympic Games 776 BC.

776 BC the first Olympic Games 700 years......

76 BC ???? 700 years.....

624 AD Muhammed (saas) 700 years.....

1324 AD ???? 700 years.....

2024 AD Mahdi ?????


This is maybe a little bit too far going example but......

Anyway these Aions are kind of too flexible and can be showed to explain anything between the heaven and the earth???





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