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Time does not exist in reality at all. What really exist in Cosmos are only these things: spirit, soul, space, matter, force (material as well as immaterial), field and motion (the matter or non-matter is moving or it is transforming). Time is only an auxiliary term of the spirit (in this case, of the human being) which helps him to express the real things in numbers.

Let’s say two material bodies are moving in space parallel to each other and we see that the space between them is increasing. We say that the one body is moving faster than the other. That is real. Let’s say someone asks you how much faster the one body is moving in respect to the other? Two times, 1.5 times, 3.7 times faster? You answer: I don’t know, I have to measure. But you can’t measure the speed of any motion directly. First you have to measure the space the bodies have traveled. You have to make also a pendulum and count its oscillations while the bodies are travelling. At the end you say that the first body has traveled a given distance for 100 oscillations of the pendulum, and the second body has traveled the same distance for 150 oscillations of the pendulum. With little mathematics you say that the first body was moving 1.5 times faster than the second.

What have you actually done? You were observing two motions, a forward motion and an oscillatory motion, thereby counting the oscillations. Where is here the time? No time at all. The spirit was only observing and counting.

So, time is merely a process of counting oscillatory movements. And counting is also a deed of the spirit.

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14 hours ago, Simon4159870717 said:

I don't think time exists in reality either.

I think time is same idea with lenth and weight, it is created by human, it is kind of concept exists in our mind. But it is NOT a fact that can be dilated.

The spirit (i.e. the mind) has an inner need to explain the things happening around him. Thereby he adds some terms and notions to them which don't have an objective existence, but he desperately needs them in order to fulfill his inner task. And there is nothing bad or wrong about it. Only he must be always aware what is it that does really have an objective existence and what he has added to it to help himself. If he is not aware of it, he may fall in big trouble, believing in something that is not real, believing in phantoms.
And it has factually happened with the Einstein's theories (and not only with them). The people started to believe in phantoms. 
Time dilation is only one example of a very long list.

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I am undecided about the reality of time. The ratio of space to time "c" is the same for all observers which makes time dilation and length contractions illusions apparent only those outside one's inertial reference frame.

My working definitions are that "space" keeps everything from happening at the same place and "time" keeps everything from happening at once.

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