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  1. I believe everyone is quite familiar with many optical illusions. This is one of the most known optical illusions. When we stand on railway tracks, we have the impression that the tracks in the distance get closer and touch each other. If we stand on a hill and look down at the town under us, we see the nearby houses bigger than the houses in the distance. Is this an illusion?! How would we otherwise have a real sense, what near to us and what farther away is?! Thanks to this “illusion”, we can truly perceive the reality. The “illusion” with
  2. I am not sure what you are trying to achieve. Producing heat by splitting the water with the help of electric current? Do you believe that you will get more energy than you put in the process? By the way, in my threads I am trying to explain the principles. In my view, it is by far more important than to invent something new. Many of you probably don't understand that, but you will, sooner or later.
  3. It is good to doubt many things, but it is not good to doubt everything. For example, you cannot doubt that there is a magnetic field around the poles of a permanent magnet. Although you cannot see it, you cannot touch it, you cannot hear it etc., still, when you bring another magnet close to it, you feel the force. Why must light be composed of something? Why must light have a lowest unit? Let me ask you this: What is a magnetic (or electric) field composed of? What is the lowest unit of a magnetic field? Or what is a gravitational field composed of? Of gravitons???!!!!
  4. You don't believe in the theory of relativity, but you believe in photons. I don't believe in both. Why do you believe in photons? How do you know that such particles exist? What experimental evidence have you seen which tell you that those particles are reality? Have you witnessed any experimental evidence personally? I ask you the last question because people believe that light consists of colors, but many of them have never seen a real prism, not to speak about an experiment with it. And if you begin to make experiments with prisms on your own, you will see that the Newton's t
  5. Digital logic circuits are electronic circuits for implementing the binary logic by means of electricity. What is binary logic? I will try to give a somewhat different view on this question. This will be at the same time a short and easily comprehensible course on digital electronics basics, so if you don’t have enough time now, please bookmark this page for later. • • • • • If we stand in front of a cooling fan, then the air current is blowing/pushing us. However, an observer standing behind the fan will say that the air current is suctioning/pulling him. The blowing force is P
  6. The spirit (i.e. the mind) has an inner need to explain the things happening around him. Thereby he adds some terms and notions to them which don't have an objective existence, but he desperately needs them in order to fulfill his inner task. And there is nothing bad or wrong about it. Only he must be always aware what is it that does really have an objective existence and what he has added to it to help himself. If he is not aware of it, he may fall in big trouble, believing in something that is not real, believing in phantoms. And it has factually happened with the Einstein's theories (and
  7. Time does not exist in reality at all. What really exist in Cosmos are only these things: spirit, soul, space, matter, force (material as well as immaterial), field and motion (the matter or non-matter is moving or it is transforming). Time is only an auxiliary term of the spirit (in this case, of the human being) which helps him to express the real things in numbers. Let’s say two material bodies are moving in space parallel to each other and we see that the space between them is increasing. We say that the one body is moving faster than the other. That is real. Let’s say someone asks
  8. To understand the physics behind a homopolar motor, first and foremost you have to understand that besides the electric current in a current-carrying wire there is also a magnetic current (which the contemporary science calls magnetic field). The two currents are inseparably bound to each other very similar to the water swirling current and the cavitation spiral current which an underwater propeller creates. The water swirling current corresponds to the electric current, whereas the cavitation spiral current corresponds to the magnetic current. Watch the cavitation spiral current in this short
  9. Yes, the members of the academic clergy are very scared of it, not because it will destroy their cherished beliefs, but because they will lose their reputation and authority and then they will have to tear up their diplomas. My explanation of how the light produces the colors is so true that even a 12-years old kid can understand it. Remember this and remember it very well: "The truth is understandable, the untruth is not understandable. Consequence: if something is not understandable, suspect its truthfulness." All the theories of the contemporary physics, including the Einstein's c
  10. Einstein's theories are actually useless hogwash. This mankind has absolutely nothing from them, only confusion in their short-sighted minds. The people obviously don't understand that they must not jump with their little minds to the last questions. Our minds are still on a baby's level to understand how this universe functions. Therefore, such theories as Einstein's, Hawking's, then Big Bang, Black Holes, White holes, Worm holes etc. are nothing other than pure fantasies. The sooner this mankind understands this, the better for its development. I deal with real questions and real ex
  11. An explanation of the extraordinary experiments presented in the video below. This video exposes very obviously the whole emptiness of the Newton’s theory of colors. Please watch it carefully (especially its later part) before reading this post. The key for an explanation of the prismatic colors and the extraordinary experiments presented in this video is the “principle of the arrow”. I call you to remember this phrase very well because it will certainly be the milestone of the future science. What is the principle of the arrow? Although I have elaborated it many tim
  12. Hi Marc. I am very glad that you are back again.👋 The experiments that you mention are not very simple, whereas the experiment with the convex lens is the simplest possible. An experiment should be kept as simple as possible if man wants to come to the truth. Complicated experiments are not of much use because in such an experiment there are lots of factors in play, so that one cannot know how each factor contributes to the phenomenon. Descartes has already pointed out four hundred years ago that the problems (or experiments) should be divided in their simplest parts. But the
  13. Do you know what the greatest hoax in the history of science is? In my view, it is this picture: It is taken from the Pink Floyd’s album “The dark side of the moon”. The members of one of the greatest bands of all times have also fallen for this hoax, taking this drawing as an idol of worship on their legendary album. The same drawing can be found in billions of textbooks throughout the world. Why is this drawing a hoax? Because it has nothing, absolutely NOTHING to do with the truth. The phenomenon doesn’t look like that at all. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe has already giv
  14. I will begin this article with phenomena visible on an ordinary triangular prism. Consider the following experiment: in a room, in which direct sunlight enters, we hold the prism with the refracting angle downwards. With the other hand we hold a white sheet of paper behind the prism. When the sheet is very close to it, we see only a regular bright rectangle without any colors. As we move the sheet away from the prism, then a violet-cyan band appears on the upper edge of the rectangle, while a yellow-red band on the bottom edge (image below). We see that the yel
  15. This article on how the light produces the colors I will begin with phenomena that everyone can see in daily life. If we look at the flame of a candle or a cigarette lighter in a dimly lit room, the flame is blue-violet in the lower part and yellow-orange in the upper part. If the part of the wick running over the wax is very short, then the flame is very small and it appears only blue. The flame of a gas stove is also blue, but as soon as we increase the gas supply, yellow tongues appear in the upper part of the flame. The smoke of a cigarette, whose smoke columns are not very
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