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  1. Photons Repulsions Hypothesis Light is made of photons In March 1905, Einstein created the quantum theory of light, the idea that light exists as tiny packets, or particles, which he called photons. After this, there appear many theories and conclusions of light. Einstein’s one is good and simple enough , more complicated hypotheses will come out with specific conclusions. Photons are repulsive Between the same kind of energy, they always are repulsive. If they are not repulsive, they probably will merge into a bigger unit, and we should find out the mega size energy. In a distance, they wil
  2. This is similar with Michelson-Morley experiment, base on different understanding about light diffraction, will come out different conclusions. In other words, we can NOT measure the light speeds form east-to-west and from west-to-east yet?
  3. Testing the light speed from west to east and from east to west? Is there any information about it?
  4. Proton-Electron structures consume some Space-Energy, and the Space-Energy will disappear and the space it maintains will be extinguished. The space around the atom is constantly annihilated, and is immediately replenished by the nearby space. The movement of space carries the matters in the space to move. Because the quantity of particles of the earth is so large, the space is annihilated very quickly, and the outer space is also replenished so quickly that we feel that we are pulled to the center of the earth by gravity. In essence, the space under our feet is decreasing, and we are carried
  5. My friend, you exactly understand what I mean. The gravity and universe expanding is the same nature. Universe expanding is SPACE moving to the VOID out of universe, Gravity is SPACE move to the VOID in the nucleus. I made some calculation as below, it is really simple math. In conclusion, Gravity proportional to the mass of the object, and inversely proportional to the square of the distance.
  6. I knew the GPS example, it is written in each book about relativity. I can NOT explain why the satellite set off 38 microseconds per day. It seems like only relativity provide an explanation. But I have an open mind to accept any other explanation, such like "How the electronic clock works". If you want to use GPS example to prove relativity, the quantity of samples is not enough. By the way, I hope let everybody know, even if there is no relativity theory, GPS can work as well.
  7. What I mean is: gravity is a phenomenon, not a force, it essentially is : SPACE carry stuffs and move to nucleus. It seems like stuffs are pulled to core, so people would think it as a kind of force naturally. Gravitation Lens support my idea: when the light cross the space closeby a mass, the SPACE is moving to the mass, and the SPACE carry all things to the mass as well, including photon. So the direction of photon is changed, and that looks like bended. What we see through Gravitation Lens is the light which was running to another direction. Photon has no mass, so if gravity is a force, g
  8. I prefer to think gravity as "side effect" than "force" I can explain it simply: SPACE is kind of energy; nucleus consumes some SPACE; the SPACE out of nucleus move to nucleus to fill the VOID, the moving mode is similar with air filling vacuum. The movement of the SPACE is gravity. I did get a equation at another post: http://www.scienceforums.com/topic/36820-all-energy-hypothesis/ It is very similar with Newton's, and the math is really simple, like middle school level.
  9. It is really convenient to calculate in this way. But I prefer it is positive in the opposite direction. There are many diffirent between us. One of them is: to you, gravity is force from particles; to me, gravity is space movement.
  10. Thanks, you are so kind. I'll use some days to read your links, then we will discuss about it. Sometime, it is really hard to shake somebody's faith (in God or Albert Einstein). I won't waste his time, or mine.
  11. All Energy Hypothesis Simon Zhou Summary Before reading this hypothesis, please forget all knowledge about relativity temporarily and give up all the prejudices. Because I am trying to explain the universe in a Newtonic way. Hypothesis Energy There are many forms of energy: particles (protons, electrons, etc.), rays (photons, alpha rays,etc.), fields (electric fields, magnetic fields, etc.), and many other forms that we don't know and have not understood yet, such as: Space-Energy, Dark-energy, etc. There are some Energy-Fundamental-Value differences between these energies, so that theS
  12. Thanks for reply. I think "no mass can have energy" as well, but in the equations, E = 0 X C^2 = 0, when m is 0, E will be 0. This is a exmple between math and physics. Could you provide an exmaple of negative in physics world?
  13. Probably having a equations could make the theory creditable. For example because people make up Electron orbit equation, so most people believe that electron moving in some orbit. But unfortunately I haven't got any equation for my theory, yet. I insist math is an auxiliary tool to Physics, and I insist there is no negative in Physics. The best example is the Lorentz factor, from that you can get the conclusion "V must less than C" easily and wrongly. About equation, I have to talk about "E=m C^2". I doubt most guys are really understand what this equation means. C is constant, so the equ
  14. Electron-Proton Asymmetry Hypothesis Simon Zhou Summary Electron-proton structure is already conclusive. It is pretty stupid to rethink about it. But there are always some things in my mind which I can’t get rid of, so I can’t help thinking about it for decades, you guys must understand that is really painful. I rather metaphorize proton and electron into male and female, more than into (+) and (-). Because in natural fact, there is no negative, and the proton meets the electron will not disappear, so they shall not mark as mathematics symbols. They attract each other as male and female.
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