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So yeah my real name is Jake. I work at a Japanese steakhouse as a hibachi chef,
but also as a skilled tradesman and a researcher in the fields of sociology and
criminology. My hobbies also include hiking, biking, motorsports, mechanic work,
engineering, carpentry, computer troubleshooting and repairs, networking, PHP/SQL,
survival training and preparedness, camping, canning, baking and about a thousand other things.

My motto in life is "Well, it could be worse" and "That won't buff out."

Although my degrees are in Sociology, Criminology and Computer IT, I have a severe lust for
ALL knowledge whether its knitting pink socks or it's impulse jets for external thruster design.
You might find me reading about discrimination or about the distinction between Quartz,
Cubic Zirconium and Diamonds. As likely to spend a whole weekend drinking and playing
EVE Online as I am to spend it rebuilding an engine or making lasagna.

My ultimate goal in life is to do all I can to help those who are the least advantaged of us. So, 
felons, the poor, the mentally challenged, the disabled, etc., to be able to stand on their own
and be self sustaining. (Thus the degrees in SOC and CRIM, and the skilled tradesman career).

Although I can be quite abrasive to some people (mostly just bullies and idiots), I am generally speaking,
A nice guy. 

So that's me. 🙂

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On 2/3/2021 at 1:09 AM, OceanBreeze said:

Pleased to have you on board. You probably noticed things are fairly quiet on this forum at present but with posters such as yourself coming on board perhaps things will get more interesting.

I shall certainly give it my own flavor of effort!

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