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Only 10% Of The Nobel Prize Winners Are Atheist ?


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I read an article about a survey that found atheists were immoral when compared with religious people but when they added a promiscuity attribute to all the survey profiles being rated all of the promiscuous people, regardless of however religious they were or not, were regarded as the most immoral people.

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Religion is just smoke and mirrors, intended to control and indoctrinate people to foolish ideas. If a person is imprinted with incorrect truths as a child it is difficult for them to cast them off. If a person was never imprinted it is difficult for them to accept said incorrect truths. 


Collective consciousness. That would have to do with mind in Theravada Buddhism, or the herding instinct in animals perhaps. The concept of collective mind under Pantheism, might be viewed as a connection of brain to an entangled universe perhaps.


Apparently under dhamma buddhism which might be theravada buddhism by a different name a feeling in the chest is where the mind manifests itself(just read this 5 minutes ago) giving one premonitions of responses to emails, winning hands at cards  etc :)  


Lots of mysticism smoke and mirrors lies in religion not unlike physics. The fanatics of both groups get upset when you dont believe them, perhaps its a feature of human nature. agree or die :(

And your last sentence puts the finger on why we should just let it go, not try any hard persuasion.  Especially if you know the believer to be overly sensitive or whatever.  I can't really explain it well but there are people who cannot deal with losing their faith.  It is all they have. A psychologist could explain it.  My grandmother would have dealt with you well, using her very strong will.   But her son, my uncle, a very gentle soul and one of the finest people I ever knew, could not have. He had a deep love of his God that Grandmother did not have.  For her, God was just someone to demand of.  Uncle would literally have fallen apart if he had lost his faith in God.  It would have been tragic.  You really have to know your people before you try to change their minds.  Let them grow though it.


On the other hand - physicists (scientists) - I should think anyone with the intelligence to dig into facts that far, would know part of their learning is to look at all sides and then make their choices.    Once they have made their choice?  What difference does it make if they disagree with me?  To each his own.

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But what definition of god do any of them believe in?


Also what type of mason rite do they follow, scottish, york etc?


Donald Trump is a mason as ahave been all American presidents as I understand it. I wonder if their gods were gods of convenience, OR have they as masons got something tangible, locked in their lodges ? :)  :sherlock:   :ghost:   :lightbulb  :shocked:   


I will have an inside source soon because my cousin recently got accepted as a Mason. I know for sure he don't follow a religion god such as Yahweh or Allah. I will have to ask him what he told them. I am sure you can just make up that you worship some kind of god or believe in a higher power. I wonder if you could tell them Satan is your god.lol! That is a really great question I need to look more into. Tell me if you find something also.


As far as I know being a Mason is a brotherhood. Your brotherhood will help you to move up in the world. I assume their is something you must do for them. But I know they don't tell you to much until you move up higher and higher.


As with everything I think Masons were good at one time and were just builders. But I think overtime it has become corrupt from the top down just like everything else. But yea to be a politician or president it is almost for sure you have to be a Mason as far as I know.


A few months ago my cousin said he wanted to start running for offices. I told him well you probably have to become a Mason to do that. I didn't think he would literally take my suggestion and do it but he did.lol! I told him to be careful.


I can't think of the name off the top of my head but can you remember the name of the person who was a 33rd degree Mason and he wrote about it?

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Pike Morals and Dogma I think!  http://self.gutenberg.org/articles/Morals_and_Dogma_of_the_Ancient_and_Accepted_Scottish_Rite_of_Freemasonry

Or http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/19447

I did actually read this book a long long time ago, it is out of copyright and should be freely available. The most boring book I have ever repeatedly fallen asleep to.


That is it and thanks. You are right.lol! I do have that book downloaded on my tablet and a few years ago I did start to read it and it is really boring.lol!


Now the question is how do woman move up in such as a politician? As far as I know they can't be Masons?

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"All" presidents were Masons?  Are you saying J F Kennedy was a Mason?  I thought Catholics were not allowed to become Masons.  Maybe I am wrong.  I often am.  :innocent:


I think depending what Catholic church he was connected to. I think he would need written permission from a leader of the church. For a politician I am sure it wouldn't be that hard to do and after all he was a Kennedy.

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You might be rite on this one. BUT I am pretty sure I read ALL american presidents, but due to my high level of interest in the subject I never checked it, perhaps you can :( I was somewhere in Washington DC when I read it, probably at a smithsonian or other edifice. However  https://www.jfklibrary.org/asset-viewer/archives/JFKWHP/1961/Month%2004/Day%2010/JFKWHP-1961-04-10-B Masonic groups were entertained by JFK. Conspiracy theories abound about them https://www.imdb.com/title/tt3694392/ Most of the world witnessed him being shot 3 times, only in america were people told he was shot once. 


A little off the subject but if I can ask who do you think killed JFK?

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A bit of a refresher https://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/john-f-kennedy-assassinated and maybe a cover up https://www.history.com/news/jfk-assassination-grassy-knoll-theory-debunked


I dont think just lee harvey oswald was the only one involved, there were eye witness reports stating, there were other people with guns shooting from the grassy knoll. 


The back of the presidents skull exploded in the film footage. Bullets normally leave large exit wounds, which suggests the bullet came from the grassy knoll.  


Interesting and thanks for your input. I think it goes a lot deeper then that. From my observations and research. I think Oswald may have been the patsy. JFK pissed a lot of the elite off behind the scenes such as the Rothschild's, The CIA, and many others. I am pretty sure the CIA was involved and especially since he wanted to shut the CIA down. Did you know during that time so people would stop asking questions the CIA made the term conspiracy theorist popular in order to label people that and shut them down if they were to ask questions about it. A very good mind control tactic the CIA was and is involved in and not to mention the MK Ultra which I think you mentioned before. So I am sure you know all this and I am speaking to the choir.lol!

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