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  1. Nor has the sleep state an end because it is always busy sorting and recording what the awake state has created into memory form to be used at a later date if desired.
  2. Yes, and a dark spot in the human psyche that likes to control, perhaps even stronger than the one in people who like to be controlled. You can't have one without the other. But you can have both with no religion. It is just that being able to preach gives the controller an "out" - a right to control if we allow it.
  3. Reading the news, I wonder. Is it my imagination or are there more shootings over holidays? Is there something about holidays that stirs more people to violence?
  4. I finally got the book. I contacted the author and he said it would be out May 15, 2021. I then placed a pre-order for it. Sure enough. Right on the dot. Have not yet read it but will be doing so.
  5. Thank you, Ocean Breeze. I know. I am very late getting here. Family issues. And I now know what I did wrong. I shall do better next time - I hope. One question, please. You said <<I am moving this thread to the “feedback to Hypography” section.>> Does this mean that "Science Forums.net is part of Hypography? Or, maybe Hypography is part of Science Forums.net? Interesting setup? thank you. hazelm
  6. Has anyone ever seen this and/or can anybody explain it? Try to enter a forum you have been visiting and get a very large black bar with the message "This account has been suspended"? Is that saying the person has been banned - with no other notice or explanation?
  7. The possibility of resettlement on other planets. The problems are beyond counting. But, "never say never". This universe is not yet dead.
  8. No scientific exploration; just plain fun. "The times, they are a-changing". Since I don't like flying or heights, you all go and send back word of your experiences. Keep us posted.
  9. https://www.sciencenews.org/article/earth-plate-tectonics-volcanoes-earthquakes-faults Shaking Up Earth" by Carolyn Gramling. (from Science News, January 16, 2021) "Earth is the only known world with plate tectonics. It's also the only one known to harbor life." It is a long article about plate tectonics and the history of its discovery and proof. But, the part I want to point out is "Crucible of Life" about half-way down the screen. I have never heard this before and do not know if it is a new idea or not. The thought is that life "might have" or 'perhaps could have"
  10. John D hit the nail on the head. That is exactly the school system that I passed through. And I fell for it. Adults were perfect, knew everything and were never to be questioned. It took me a long time to outgrow that and I'm not sure I ever fully did. When I started teaching, it was like pulling eye teeth to get those children to think for themselves, to argue and debate and put out their own thoughts on topics. I fear I was a failure at the effort. Almost none "got it". Parents told them "teacher is always right". Well, this teacher was not always right. Nor were many of her fello
  11. This protest is purposely on this thread because this is where the problem is. Will someone PLEASE tell me what is going on? I have tried over and over and over to put one simple post here and all have been interrupted and lost. I have tried "Contact us" but I get no response. PLEASE?
  12. I bought a calculator that came with a zinc carbon battery, which I'd never heard of. I've read notes giving general explanation but they don't mean much to me since the notes use more "foreign" terms. Can someone tell more about zinc carbon batteries? I mean is there anything special I need to know? Also, when this battery dies, can I replace it with an alkaline battery? Thank you. hazel m
  13. hazelm

    Body Proteins

    I know about the proteins and their enzymes with all the work they do. My Question is "do scientists know exactly how many of these proteins there are?" I am wondering because they seem to have IDs. Maybe not all have IDs but I've read of several. For example, this morning I saw GPI1 and POU4F3
  14. There is no doubt that the changes in our culture started long before Covid but it didn't help. Also - what I think the article is getting at - they are showing that those who had not accepted and joined the new and changing culture felt even worse as they got shut down. This new culture is confusing enough without the sudden situation that none of us are used to. Every generation changes things and this latest was already drastic. Then came Covid. A double whammy.
  15. From Neuroscience News https://neurosciencenews.com/coronavirus-brain-16972/ Both interesting and helpful toward dealing with the problems.
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