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I was just notified by e-mail that I have won the Publisher's Clearing House Sweepstakes.  See, people actually do win with PCH.  My prize check should arrive in 3-5 weeks.  Yep, that $5.00 check will go a long way toward paying for my insulin to keep me alive.  Good times...good times.  :oops: On a positive note, we shouldn't be hearing from these bozo's for a while.

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Woo hoo!!!  My Publisher's Clearing House Sweepstakes winnings came in today's mail.  Security must not be a big priority since it came in a #10 window envelope with "Prize Check Enclosed" in bold print under my address.  If I still smoked, that $5.00 wouldn't even buy me a pack of generic butts. Yeah, I think I am going to frame that sucker just for the halibut.  The odds of winning were pitifully small to start with, but odds of winning again (with any significant amount over $5.00) are astronomically small.  Any statisticians want to crunch the numbers for their own amusement?  Alternatively do any astronomers want to lecture me on how inaccurate the statement "astronomically small" is? 

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