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I was cleaning up some of my e-mail folders and ran across one from last June that I just had to update before deleting.  I assume some sort of computer algorithm  is responsible for sending the original message to randomly generated e-mail addresses and I don't expect a human to respond.



I haven't heard from you in a while and the full moon is coming up on February 19.  We are fresh out of virgins to sacrifice, so we can pencil you in for midnight?  We will provide the black cat and goat entrails.  Wear something light and diaphanous that can easily be cut off with a dagger.


On 7/2/18 10:22 PM, Fahr wrote:
You e-mailed at a very fortuitous time.  My coven is looking for new human sacrifices, and it sounds like you would fit the role perfectly.

On 6/28/18 4:33 PM, Alichka Alina wrote:

Good afternoon How are yu? Please excuse me beforehand if I've disturbed you with something but I will be glad exchanging emails with you sometime. It will be fascinatingly to exchange our thoughts and pic. I don’t even know where to start from. My name Alinna. I was thinking of what I can write more about myself and you know I came to decision that possibly I can describe my individuality as active woman with stable moral standards. Write me about lifestyle,and your preferences about girl Hope to hear from you soon. Alinok.

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I moved my wife's car insurance from State Farm to Geico for a considerable savings and got an opinion survey.  My response to their question

We are sorry to hear you didn't have an excellent experience.
We strive to provide you excellent service. What could we have done differently?
Please be as detailed as possible.


was " I ranked the experience as good.  What do you expect out of a simple transaction like buying car insurance?  No, it didn't cure cancer, prevent world hunger, find a diet that really worked, or fix my aching feet.  Do you consider it a failure that I didn't have a massive orgasm when I hit the send button?"

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