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I wonder if a a Blackhole bent into  a shape like this would allow reverse time travel making a Tipler Disc.




With the Rotation upon the r2 axis the Light-cones would actually be upside down in GR in the middle of the torodial disc having the light cones actually leading into the past.

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Basically polymath in the middle of the device particles would be tachyonic as the light cones are pointing in the reversed direction due to the warping of time-space. Though, the particle that are in the middle would not have tachyonic mass though would be traveling in a tachyonic domain where time points reverse as the direction of travel due to the dual rotation of the BH in a infinitely rotating disc both upon the ZX axis and YX axis turning the light cones upside down pointing to the past, Well beyond the Null Cone of the Space.






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