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  1. There never was a such thing as cancer or disease the brain is a powerful organism that can materialize any cancer disease most people's brains control their minds. Brain (atom-based carbon neuron molecules) versus mind (subatomic electrons, synaptic patterns) & can even retain their memories & personalities postmortem (poltergeist) & effect the air molecules like dominoes I personally have hacked into the Unified Field Oscillations as particle pairing 7c quantum entanglement in the photoelectron aether / quantum spacetime foam channel.
  2. I want to speak with Donald Trump face 2 face on the Eric Andre Show. Literally. Seriously.
  3. Why are there still police? Why is there still a price tag on stuff. I order you to disband the police force & remove price. I know that my behavior is not appropriate for the Prince of The Illuminati but I'm serious I want a technocracy made official or I will start asking my neighbor what they think about the fourth technocractic branch of government until someone gives me a billion fun coupons.
  4. You seem frustrated that both of us refuse to give you either of our existential insights freely
  5. Never give all your secrets away I've expos-a'd plenty 'round here Mr. "Interests What lies behind the lies of modern Physics."
  6. While it is true that Einstein contradicted himself (aether madness) and the fact that "On the photo-electric effect" won the nobel & general relativity didn't is another paradoxical and contradictory conundrum of oxymoron & proof of the Illuminati. Einstein's mind was a jumbled mess trying to make sense of something that took humanity 1700 years before the final product, holy grail, codex, devil's bible was completed by the RCC 800 years ago. I had the internet and antagonizing masonic bully-peers aiding me
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