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* I have a job

* I am not eligible to become a PM or President

* My job is my livelihood

* It is my evolutionary adaptation for survival

* I don't have seed capital to start my own venture


In view of the above it is prudent to like what you do rather than fret about what could have been done.


Do you agree ?


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I Like my job, but it's not the job I thought I would have when I was younger. I had no plan to take certain college courses and become a police officer or lawyer like my high school friends. I ended up taking jobs that I really didn't like just to make money to create a "livelihood". After a few years of that I figured that was my destiny, to be in one those shitty, low paying jobs for the rest of my years.


Luckily for me fate stepped in, in the form of a bad economy and it caused me to get laid off from a job just two weeks after I bought my first house. A friend offered to try and get me with the company I'm in now, and I couldn't be happier. It wasn't planned, that's just the way it came together for me. I often think about how happy I would be in other occupations.


I have a lot of vendors come to my office to sell me their products every month. I don't think I could handle sales, not because I'm afraid to approach people, it's that I'm too impatient. I need an answer even if the response is "no" at least I wouldn't be wasting my time with something that will never happen. Making sure you sell X amount to make sure your kids eat? not for me! A bar or restaurant owner wouldn't work either. most people (myself included) do not have any idea how much time a biz like that takes. I had a good friend who owned one for years until he passed, but his hours were relentless on him and his wife. ordering beer, liquor, soda, food, handling employees. After he was done at 2am he would have to stay up and pay his bills.


I like what I do because I like what I do. If I didn't or did a job I hated I don't think I could act otherwise. At least to myself, I think I'd struggle and be fretting.


Attached 25 biz you can start for a $100 or less.

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