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  1. The arrow of time is something sublime, Directions one, Ramifications many, Where having an option, Is as good as not having ANY👀🙏
  2. Feed for thought 🤗 

  3. Freudian 🆔 Ego SuperEgo ❤️ IMHO the Ectoderm is the WYSIWYG or exposed layer of personality and its the product of genetic (Endoderm) layer as the root layer of expression Personality is the result of genetic and epigenetic influences.... 🤔
  4. I have created a scenario for closed loop space-time using closed loop 4d symmetries like the moebius strip and the Kline bottle... 🤔
  5. Germ Layer Theory Of Personality- Is this analogy correct ? Germ layer Ego Ectoderm You Are Mesoderm You Think You Are Endoderm You Become What You Think You Are
  6. If the topology of the universe is a moebius strip could this be the template of a gravitationally propelled zero entropy virtual machine (perpetual machine)🤔?
  7. Does intuition violate- Relativity -causality QM -Collapsing the wave function without an as is presence Y/N
  8. If N is an odd prime number > 10 is (N+(N+1)) /1100) always recurring ? try : (11+12)/1100 (13+14)/1100 (17+18)/1100 (19+20)/1100 (23+24)/1100 ... and so on
  9. If a goose can go upstairs and downstairs (and in its ladies chamber), and still be a goose, it must be a quantum mechanical wave function goose ! True or false
  10. Can you say : - Obsession is fixation with objects - Depression is fixation with memories - Schizophrenia is fixation with memories with a corrupted file allocation table(FAT)
  11. Does isometric space constrain Time to be a scalar quantity?
  12. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uf6BhSWJio0O3iFyk9TGjbW6U0CkNqS0/view?usp=https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uf6BhSWJio0O3iFyk9TGjbW6U0CkNqS0/view?usp=drivesdk Check this out...
  13. Does 5G represent the convergence of P2P to F2F?
  14. can we think of the amoeba as a single celled quantum computer - 1=move and eat=extend pseudopodia 0=rest=retract pseudopodia
  15. Venus was amphibious... Rose naked from the sea at Paphos Cyprus...
  16. Are Telomeres Photosensitive (sum of diurnal rhythms define current days of existence on planet Earth) ?
  17. Hypotheses : Humans could not have appeared on the earth earlier than 3.75 billion years ago. Proof : 1 Potassium 40 is the radioactive emission from the human body that relatively has the largest half-life. (1.25 billion years). 2 The age of the Solar System is 5 billion years old. From 1 And 2 For a human with a stable configuration [longest half-life determinable] - humans could not have existed on Earth for more than 3.75 billion years.
  18. Concurrent Entropy : P(A)=M P(B)=N P(AB)=M*N E(AB)=1/(M*N) if m=0.10 and n=0.50 P(AB)=0.05 E(AB)=1/0.05=20 so think of the effect of double dating ...
  19. Blue light from mobiles has been known to cause migraine more often than blue light from natural environs. This has been attributed to increased responsivity to Planck's Equation E=hf for light emanated from electronic devices. This could lead to migraine in some (smart) women in particular.
  20. Planetary orbits cannot be circular because they are equipotential geodesics in 3d space and cannot produce a change in the force vector required to sustain orbital motion. (like a plane in 2d space). Y / N
  21. 1 Man is an embedded object in the universe. 2 The Universal set is the Universe. 3 Man cannot exist independent of the Universe. 4 Man has introspection. from 1 to 4 The Universe has introspection.(Man being an embedded object). Caveats 1 Thinking is a Universal function.(You can visualize the entire cosmos!) 2 Aliens can exist (as long as they can think). 3 Humans are like cosmic neurons. 4 If thinking beings are removed from the chain, the sentient nature becomes null and void. Agree or disagree?
  22. BLUE - is associated with migraine headaches when related to electronic devices - is associated with tranquility when related to nature is this because - 1 - is made of silicon obeys Plancks Equation E= hf where h is Plancks Constant 2 - Is based on carbon is based on human cognitive experience Is this correct ?
  23. 4 Energy Phase Transitions in the Evolution of the Universe No energy spectrum - Singularities Continuous energy spectrum - Big Bang Restrictions on energy spectrum - Creation of mass Quantization of energy (spectrum) - Resolution of symmetries Is this the case?
  24. Neutrinos and Photons are chargeless particles yet only the latter find opacity in the human body…. Is this because the latter exist only as a continuous energy spectrum? Photons can be represented by a wave function, and embody wave-particle duality, and matter-waves exalt Schrodingers Theory. Neutrinos can not be represented like this. They have MASS. Conclusion - Matter waves apply only to zero rest mass particles. Relativity postulates mass as a restraining factor on energy. QM focuses on the continuous wave-function. Is this true ?
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