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Depends. In a way it desensitizes you as in you're not as shocked by it. However, what it all stems from is adrenaline junkies, remember that. 


On psycho-stimulants everything sensitizes you more. Look into the MK Ultra program and the Nazi Super Soldier program. All use a combo of meth and cocaine but of course sativa is the king of all cognitive and performance enhancers. The THC augments the immune system while the psychoactive ingredients in the sativa strain can work as a nootropic, and finally cannabis is also a painkiller so you can push harder in the gym.


Although I've smoked so much a takes a lot to get me high and when I do get high, a better workout enhancer is a 21 mg nicoderm patch and whey protein. And in a fight or competitive sports combat situation where it's only for a few minutes and I don't have to plan out a workout routine, jack daniels is my king of stimulants. I get depersonalized, crazy and it's easy for me to be aggressive and at the same time keep calm and reserve my energy which is endless on jack and I'm numb anyway. I don't give af on jack daniels, but I can't finish a workout routine or concentrate on it either. If you think you're going to be in a fight in the next two hours I highly recommend you don't do it without a half pint of jack daniels in your blood being metabolized in the liver keeping you in a state where you can fight for about two hours. Alcohol can cause retrograde amnesia (blackouts), it increases blood testosterone, it really makes it so adrenaline does not create fatigue poisons and makes you as hostile as you can get when it's from a source as strong as whiskey. If you're worried about it affecting your cognition I assure you that does not matter in a fight as much as most people think. When you think of a fight best think of war and death and you need to be desentized, not there, for it to work. Not that whiskey doesn't actually increase dopamine, and about as much as cocaine too. You're not as likely to wig out or get hurt on whiskey, you go limp in a fall, someone actually wasn't even hurt after jumping out a two story window twice because he was drunk, and that kind of daredevil initiative is crucial in a fist for or a wrestling match.


So to answer your question violence and sex create endorphins from adrenaline, and films depersonalize you and make it easier to enjoy it. But nothing beats the real thing. 

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What do all those substances do to the liver and kidneys?  What about the loss of brain cells due to the effects of alcohol ?  While it may be a good idea to always be prepared for defending one's self, being  constantly desensitized probably should not be considered a laudable goal.  It may be as necessary to be prepared for peace as for war.

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