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Ai That Programs Itself

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Maybe? The actual answer depends on what you define as AI or Writing Programs. Without sufficient understanding of what your definition of those terms are nobody can give an answer to your question. By that I mean I can answer the question itself, but you likely have a certain field in which this concept applies as well as an interpretation of what the words you chose mean. 


I am sorry if this came across a bit condescending, I did not notice this until after re-reading it and this was not my intention.

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There is a possibility for such an Ai, as you can program a robot that programs itself, but if you want to create an Ai that can program better than a human you would need to make the Ai able to identify problems, than figure out the solution to the problem, which would mean you would either need to program the robot to understand a programming language, or program solutions to the problems.

To create a fully self sufficient Ai you would need to program self awareness In a sense. But then again, I'm not a programmer so don't look to me for answers

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What you're describing would generally be referred to as an expert system. There are programs that will write code in general use but the code they write is based on the actions of its operator. An example would be digitally based milling machines such as a lathe. Instead of writing the code, you just trace a prototype of the finished product and a computer will generate the code. It is essentially what a macro recording program does when it copies a sequence of mouse and keyboard entries.

However, there are no programs that will decide on its own what programs should be written. There are programs that will self refine its own code based on the data it collects. These types of programs can be found in automated manufacturing facilities where based on the results over time it modifies itself to get better yields or deal with different quality of materials.

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