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  1. that diagram of objects orbiting is interesting, but don't forget it also has to be warped toward the earth not just around it.
  2. i don't have kindle but i would like to read your thoughts. can you put it someplace more accessible?
  3. I'm not convinced unlimited energy is impossible. for example: you can take an iron bar, and a iron bar magnet, rub the standard bar with the magnet bar, and get a second magnet though i must admit, i have no idea how to achieve it.
  4. my problem with warped space as gravity is it would have to be warped on every point on earth and in every dimension. what that would even look like, let alone how to allow orbits, i have no idea.
  5. so on the pyramid prime, every prime has to be of the form 6n+1 or 6n+5. that's nothing new, not quite sure what you mean by complex primes. do you mean guass primes? for example 2 is (1+i)*(1-i); 5 is (2+i)*(2-i) again i don't know what you mean by complex primes. sort of, there's a distinct difference between rational numbers and irrational numbers. umm can you clarify that? do you mean Turing machines have state? The fundamental theorem of algebra states that every non-constant single-variable polynomial with complex coefficients has at least one complex root. got by a simple google s
  6. mm, i can only speak for myself, but i more commonly say warp space doesn't make sense. i focus on Einstein when talking about that because he's the person generally associated with it.
  7. http://thescienceexplorer.com/universe/use-quick-trick-speed-long-division can someone show me what 975 / 15 would look like?
  8. well for example if i played a trillion notes per second,my fingers would need to move at that speed. there must be some aspect of the camera that's moving at that speed.
  9. this claims a trillion frames per second. isn't that faster than light?
  10. i don't understand. E = 6 5 11 between 5 and 16 7 13 between 7 and 20 11 17 between 11 and 28 13 19 between 13 and 32 23 29 between 23 and 52 E = 4 3 7 between 3 and 10 7 11 between 7 and 18 13 17 between 13 30 19 23 between 19 42 37 41 E = 2 (between 1 and 4) 3 5 between 3 and 8 5 7 between 5 12 11 13 (only the first number P needs to be in range) 11 24 17 19 between 17 36 29 31
  11. Let E be an even number. between 1 and 2*E there will be a number such that it is prime, and it plus E is prime. lets call this number P. after that, between P and 2*P+E, there will be another number such that it and it plus E is prime. repeat indefinitely. for example, let E = 8. 3,11 the next between 3 and 14 5,13 the next between 5 and 18 11,19 the next between 11 and 30 23,31 the next between 23 and 54 29,37 the next between 29 and 66 for E = 14 3, 17 5, 19 17, 31 23, 37 29, 43
  12. hmm. i think a rich person can have a greater impact, but doesn't necessarily mean for good. as was once said by a comedian, Micheal Jordan is rich. the person who pays Micheal Jordan's salary is wealthy. if i had to choose between wealth and love though, i would choose love.
  13. i never fully understood the concept of warped space-time. i would like to issue a challenge to the scientific community. show me how warped space time would look like uniformly distributed around the earth, left to right, top to bottom, back to front, before and after. and then explain in layman's terms how you achieve a orbit with this.
  14. are there any sites that you provide the training data and it puts it through a learning algorithm for you?
  15. is there a way to distribute xor over multication? exe t*t^58 = t^? *t^?
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