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  1. i think there are two things that separate humans from the rest of the animals. one is the ability to trade an item for something completely different, and the other is to be on friendly terms with an animal before eating it.
  2. so my dad was playing with three other people in golf for 9 holes. The bet is each player puts in $5 dollars. There are 2 games being played. $3 dollars of the $5 goes to who has the most points and $2 of the $5 goes to the trash pot. At he conclusion of the 9 holes my dad was the only winner of the points pot and Larry was the only winner of the trash pot. The points pot should have $12 dollars and the trash pot should have $8. However my dad didn't have correct change nor did Larry so the pot was left with $10 dollars. Dad took $6 of the $10 and Larry took $4. The next time they
  3. i don't really understand why this is a fast test.firstly, you would need a number of terms about equal to the prime value. that means a lot of multiplication second you would need to divide by all those terms, also expensive. i see no improvement to trail divide up to square root algorithm.
  4. i can't think of anything more basic than khan academy. never the less here is my vain attempt numbers here i show all numbers between 1 and 9. if i want to add one more, i need one more symbol for the empty case, 0. when you add 1 to 9, the basket on the left, empty, gets a dot, or 1, and the basket with 9 gets to be 0. so 10 is equal to ten ones. so if i want to add two numbers, here's several examples. 17 +14 = so starting on the right, 7 +4 = 11, that is, 1 ten, and 1 one, the 1 ten gets carried over, and i have 1+1+1, = 30 so 3 for the
  5. matter is made up of atoms. i agree, not everything is made up of the same atoms. matter is not motion. yes it's in motion, but it's not motion itself. what does that even mean? nor did you specify why they are different. you don't understand what i'm asking. why do planets have moons? i agree things do tend to go to nothing, or space as you say, but as it does so, it generally doesn't leave behind matter that interacts with each other.
  6. okay that doesn't make sense at all. firstly the planets are of a wide variety of sizes. secondly most have moons. thirdly how would you get solid rock from hydrogen, what the sun is made of? fourthly how would the matter get distant enough to combine into it's own separate object?
  7. i'm not as curious as to where our water came from, i'm really curious as to where our magma core came from. our atmosphere too. rocks can't really carry air.
  8. in my understanding, only atoms have mass. light is made up of quarks, which are mass-less. light bends from a black hole because it is made up of particles. light should be constant even near a black hole. i'm no expert though so take this with a grain of salt.
  9. that diagram of objects orbiting is interesting, but don't forget it also has to be warped toward the earth not just around it.
  10. i don't have kindle but i would like to read your thoughts. can you put it someplace more accessible?
  11. I'm not convinced unlimited energy is impossible. for example: you can take an iron bar, and a iron bar magnet, rub the standard bar with the magnet bar, and get a second magnet though i must admit, i have no idea how to achieve it.
  12. my problem with warped space as gravity is it would have to be warped on every point on earth and in every dimension. what that would even look like, let alone how to allow orbits, i have no idea.
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