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There will be some downtime today due to general site maintenance and database service.

We will shut off the site in order to ensure that no posts are lost - but we might end up losing a few posts if we are unlucky.


So just be cautioned that the site might be unavailable for a while today.

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Dark Mind









Join Date: Feb 2005

Location: San Diego, California

Posts: 666 ;):eek:;):eek::(:eek:;):eek:;):eek:;):eek::friday::eek::friday:

And with an upside down star as an avatar to boot, what zen.

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I was reluctant to make this post, but oh well. Thanks guys :friday:. I was hoping someone would notice. But I'm not gonna try to be like Turtle and maintain it forever ;), even though It does have a certain Zen about it.


Dark Mind.


Upside-down Pentagram for avatar.:friday:

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