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Hello all! Nice to find this forum.


I used to be a member of other discussion forums but eventually left for lack of anything intelligent to say. I found this forum through a Google search and liked the level of discussion, so decided to join.


I'm particularly interested in understanding the foundations of science, especially physics. I think our worldview is influenced by scientific concepts to an extent not warranted by science itself, much like the old worldview was shaped by religious concepts not warranted by the religion itself. For me that is a very interesting discussion.


Hopefully I won't offend anyone in any discussion. That can be hard to do when one is passionate, a trait I'm often charged with possessing.


See you around ;)

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A belated welcome to hypography, bravox. :) I feel like I know you a bit already, from all the discussion in the theology forum thread.


I've been here for a couple of days and noticed that my "reputation" has been going up and down. Something I said? Does anyone know what that means?

There’re little + and – buttons in the lower left of every post, which any member can click (once per member per post) to raise or lower your reputation by 1 point. There are no rules about using reputation – it’s meant to be a reflection of people’s gut level or above liking/respecting/etc. of you, and feedback to you about how folk feel about your posts.


We used to have a more sophisticated reputation system that gave high-reputation members more approval oomph than low, had more restrictions on how often it could be given, and wasn’t visible to the world, but lost it when we moved the forums to a new engine (IP.Board), and haven’t yet done any work to create better than the default one that comes with it.


A side affect of our move is that old members have higher reputation than new ones can ever get with the current +/-1 point system. One of these days, in my or another mod or admin’s spare time, we’ll make the new rep system of our dreams.


‘Til then, just be nice to folk and post entertaining, edifying, and enlightening stuff, and your rep should crawl ever up. If it crawls down, that’s an indication that folk find deficiencies in your niceness and three “E”s.

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