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Why Does Christianity Have Two Bibles?

charles brough

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I think you ducked the question. :)


Yep words change their meaning. I have been a pagan for most of my life, ie lived in the sticks.


Religious people dont normally seem to realize the purpose of religion in controlling society around them, you must be a moderate ?.


Problems occur when different religions ie Moslem and Christian groups living next to each other dont talk to each other. Or start with the bullshit hatred generated by the respective religions. A problem I find is when fanatics try to preach their beliefs in societies where, other equally nonsense beliefs exists. Christianity and Islam are clashing at the moment as they would both like to extend their influence.


Religious fanatics are a massive problem in the world, like a hand reaching out from the past holding society back. 


I wonder if there is a level of obsessive compulsive disorder required to be a fanatic? Is the level of OCD increasing in the world?


Also Christians are taught that Pagans are evil and are Godless. Most Christians don't even realize most of the things they celebrate such as Christmas, Easter were originally Pagan. I get really agitated when the Christians complain they are taking Christ out of Christmas. Well guess what he didn't belong there in the first place. And it is actually the Sun which was originally celebrated because it was making it's way back and the days get longer and it will soon start to get warm. And I guess I shouldn't even get started on the Christmas tree and decorating it. :smilingsun: The ignorance of religions people is just ridiculous.

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I believe the solution to this is to bomb Muslims, here in America we have gotten pretty good at bombing Muslims. The next time there is a pilgrimage to Mecca we should just bomb all the Muslims there.


Well if your being realistic look at how many Iraqis and Afghanis have been killed during the occupation of the US. Last time I checked I think it was in the millions. So the ones that control the US military kind of took your idea.

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On 9/17/2011 at 1:55 PM, charles brough said:

We all know there is a vast difference between the Old Testament and the New Testament. The older one is the Judaic Bible. It recounts the history of an historically obscure, monotheistic tribe which, in Numbers, Deuteronomy and other parts describes their invasions and slaughtering of the men women and children of the lands they stole.


In comparison to the brutal Judaic Bible, the New Testament is generally a beacon of pragrance and light---even though, of course, there are exceptions. Being only half as ancient and hence that much less out-of-date, the offensive parts are much less in number: such as the admonitions to hate your family (Luke 14:26), Kill Jesus's enemies (Luke 19:27 and Math. 10:34), regarding dealing with slaves (Eph 6:5) and the subjection of women (1Tim 2:11-12).


Since there is this vast difference between the two Bibles, why is the Jewish Bible considered part of the Christian Scripture?

The Jewish and Christian faiths are based on a covenant between God and his people.  Before God sent his Son, the Jews supposed themselves to be his people.  Paul, a Jew, writes to the Christian church, to whom he became an apostle, in the New testament, that though the Jews were rejected as God's covenant people, and the people of the Way were become his covenant people, the Scriptures hold true which had been entrusted to the Jews while they were counted his people.

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