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No Smiley Option


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I have noticed that in posts people often accidentally add a smiley, for example when they are creating a list. This can detract from the post. To prevent this, I suggest an option to either:

a) Turn off smileys throughout the post (and maybe have a tag to temporarily re-enable them)

B) Turn off smileys in an area of a post (perhaps with a tag)


The smiley was meant to be a 'b' with a ')' after it.


Also, it should be an option to turn off the smileys if the option is for the entire post (the tag-based one is inherently an option, you can choose not to use the tag). This mean that smileys should be on unless the option to turn it off is chosen by the poster.

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You already have such a tag for turning off in an area the smileys:








What you do is to use the noparse tags (note I wrapped the text you see below in 2 noparse tags to make the tags visible):


your smiley



Also for other options click on the 3rd icon in the top right corner of the full editor. For instance you can then make list

  1. like
  2. this



Hope this helps

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