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Cleaning Up Our Blog Section


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Our blog pages are a bit messy. Some members are using their blogs, but most of the registered blogs are empty or have only a single, outdated post.


I am going to remove all blogs which have 0 or only one post, and which is owned by members with less than 50 posts. I'll also see if I can limit who gets to start a new blog. I see no point in letting people who just signed on open a blog without having got around to learn our forums first.


I'd also like to ask those who want a blog, or who have a blog already, to go to their blog settings in the UserCP http://scienceforums.com/index.php?app=core&module=usercp and set a name for the blog. Now they are simply named by number, which is pointless! :)


I'm going to use my blog more from now on, you can read it here:

The Science Forums Blog


It will be our "Official Science Forums Blog", so if you feel like contributing, please let me know what you would like to write about.


It is possible to activate remote control of your blog, so you can actually use blog writing applications if you like. Let me know if you need help with this.


Feedback, is as always, welcome! :)

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thanks tormod. I have painstakingly removed many spam blogs since the switch occurred and of course leaves the 0. If we can set the standard to 50 posts before the blog feature is enabled, this would reduce the possibility of an easy spam spot. :)

Okay, guys... :(

I clicked on the link that Tormod provided. I followed the instructions to rename my Blog.


And now I have TWO blogs! The original is named a number and the second one is named Pyrotex's Blog.


Pyrotex's Blog is EMPTY. This is NOT what I wanted, and I am NOT going to try to fix this, because I run the risk of deleting ALL my existing Blog posts.


I sincerely request somebody ELSE (who knows what they're doing) fix my mess. I want the original Blog to be renamed "Pyrotex's Blog" WITHOUT losing any of the original blog posts.


Thank you. :(

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