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Teaching aids for Darwin-- for religiously challenged Yanks.


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I've never read any Darwin, so this question is an honest attempt to get information: does Origin of Species really have nothing about the origins of life? The story in Genesis starts out looking a little like the physical world we know (if you squint hard enough), but it falls apart with the introduction of humans.


I don't suspect for a second the post I'm quoting is an attempt to learn anything, so I'm not directing this at its author, although if he knows the answer and wants to offer it honestly, I'm very willing to read his answer too.




It's been a while since I've read parts of The Origin, but in a sense it depends on what you mean by the term "origins." At some point, change, adaptation, retention of favorable traits, divergence, etc. become acts and events of creation and origination of new life. It's often known as "descent with modification" (from Darwin). When you keep modifying, tinkering, and changing an organism, what was cannot remain as it was forever. As for the origin of life, that's still being debated and worked out. :)


One way to think about evolution, IMO, is to think of what has happened and is happening with human languages over time, the ways they've diversified, evolved, and changed over time. Now think of living organisms as embodiments of "genetic languages" (like DNA) communicating, expressing, changing, and being. That's how I see them.

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It doesn't have to be an 'either or' choice. Darwin got it very close to right and that's amazing that little of his theory has been disproven so many years later. So I would conclude that it would have to border on insanity to deny Darwinian evolution. It would be to live a life of lies in this modern world.


But Americans and others, Muslims included can choose to believe in creation at the same time. To do so would still be living a lie but the lie would be less egregious. 


The only other answer would seem to be Chritians, Muslims, et al,, need to try to reconcile creation with evolution. And in fact that's likely what the New Testament attempted to do. And now much later, we have ridiculous attempts such as I.D. which tries to twist science to suit they ideologies. Much better that I.D. be abandoned quickly in order to save the face of Christianity at least.


'At least' in the sense that Islam hasn't tried it and will probably not as it learns from Christianity's faux pas!  

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