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  1. You can accomplish much if you don't care who gets the credit. -- Ronald Reagan It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit. -- Harry S Truman The way to get things done is not to mind who gets the credit for doing them. -- Benjamin Jowett
  2. Yes, http://hypography.com/forums/environmental-studies/21736-greenhouse-effect-experimental-designs.html#post287740 . Have you given any thought to Single-subject research?
  3. Another mistake, when these folks have some clear experimental results we might want to let them talk about energy policy.
  4. Finding water is the beginning, digging shelters and collecting mineral and energy resources would be next. The moon has gravity needed for habitation, shelter from radiation by digging deep and mineral wealth. Evaluation of lunar rocks and soils for resource utilization: Detailed image ana
  5. A discussion isn't evidence, Africa shouldn't let anyone decide how they should increase stamdards of living, except residents. Africa has more than 50 billion tons of proven coal reserves, Africa must exploit coal reserves-China Mining , they need energy development now, not later on when wind and solar become competitive with fossil fuel.
  6. You may ignore Ed Cook's description of the quixotic game, you concede suppression of dissenting opinion, but we haven't discussed motives. I'm OK with that. Bush & Co were the USA's elected executives, responsible for policy decisions not CRU UAE employees and their confederates.
  7. I guess the owners of this ship aren't worried about peak oil. Airlines are still ordering fossil fueled aircraft: KAL orders five Boeing 747-8 passenger aircraft I'm betting we have more than fifty years of increasing oil production. I hope we reach peak climate change mitigation this winter.
  8. How? That's all I'm asking for, a direct test of man made [ce]CO_2[/ce] and climate warming.
  9. The trend is too accumulated knowledge, that's the lesson of age. Filter out the B.S., I don't care if a petroleum engineer tells me the truth, so long as it's the truth.
  10. Mars is too far, let's terraform a tiny bit of the moon, first. High ground, the moon's poles, or any livable space. we need to move on.
  11. If you drive, don't drink. If you're drunk, don't f*ck. I'll just have one more Martini.
  12. Zythryn has a good point, what do we mean by peak oil? I see it as the imminent end of increased production, within a decade. We should decide on a definition, if we want a debate (or argument).
  13. I attribute it to wisdom, older scientists aren't interested in maximizing research funds, they don't need tenure, they don't need to publish. Wisdom comes with age, they've seen more climate change and rising seas, they have perspective, they can afford to tell it like it is. I recommend Ian Pilmer: YouTube- Environmentalism Is the New Religion - Ian Plimer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=idYdVQ6nwfA
  14. "This often repeated claim that our fossil fuel use is an experimental test of the greenhouse effect isn't supported." An experiment requires controls, if we burn more heating oil and emit more [ce]CO_2[/ce] when it's cold, we can't say [ce]CO_2[/ce] causes cooling. We emit [ce]CO_2[/ce] because we live, with every breath. We can measure our greenhouse gas emissions, but measurement alone does not make fossil fuel use an experimental test of the greenhouse gas effect.
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