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  1. Twice you made up little lies to get attention. Was it your glasses the first time that were glaring back at you? And was it tears of anger the second time you made it up? Let it go *******! The only other remedy for you it to get the mods to let me go for you. whining baby cksker you'all poser!
  2. Ask mommy moderator to make me go away then! They've already tried that twice and now they are coming to understand that I don't give a fuk. If they want to lose their most sane and prolic poster then maybe you'll get your wish, you silly litt murican kunht. And won't that work out well for you and your cousin Thoth! You can make up tails on Mars and other **** and be completely undisturbed!
  3. I'm not going to disregard anything for your pleasure. Why did you make up the story for a second time? The first time could be excused because you failed to think of a natural explanation, and that's common to most Americans. It's the reason why we have dingbats like Thoth on a science forum. But the second time is inexcuable because you had to fabricate a lie and say you saw the tail again. Had you actually have seen a tail on Mars the entire scientific community which is involved with the applicable science would be asking big questions. AND THEY'RE NOT! Smarten the fuk up and try gro
  4. I don't know lewis and I haven't the slightest idea on the science you're talking about. But why would you ask that question on this forum? Seriously lewis, is there anyone here that you suppose could answer your question. That is, assuming that it's your question and not a cut and paste from some legitimate science publication or web posting? It's just that to me it seems to be somewhat suspicious that someone legitimately dealing with real science would be here? I hope my suspicions are wrong.
  5. And in which some people find reality doesn't serve their needs and so they turn to the supernatural for answers. When the answer for Americans has been dangled before their noses for decades, but they refuse to accept the logical answer that they're slaves to the 1 or 2 %
  6. Thoth, you can't continue to try to promote outdated theories that have been proven to be nonsense a hundred years ago or more. We can try to find some common ground on issues such as UFO's and aliens but we can't entertain pure nonsense. Do your part and help to get this forum back on track.
  7. In some fairness to your theory on the media being propaganda, I suppose it could be termed as that. But first of all in my explanation I have to tell you that there is no cabal. All the mainstream media and some of the fringe media are biased against Trump. The reason for that is because their first and only priority is to sell advertizing to their audience. Americans are indeed the tools of rich men, but they're not behind any socalled scenes. They're visible and easily identified. I'll explain again. The American way has failed the people because it's a system of greedy capi
  8. The video (s) are degrading this conversation to nonsense and I'm really not interested in going there with you. I'll continue to admit that I 'could' be wrong about the UFO/alien sightings but I'm definitely not going to start to entertain the supernatural. And fwiw, after taking the time to search out the most credible reportings, I've become even more convinced that even the best of them are fatally flawed by imposters and fakes. Where are the very best and most credible reports that aren't fatally flawed by shysters who are trying to make a living off of an industry they've crea
  9. You're right if you think that all the media, mainstream or otherwise, is biased against Trump. And you can include Fox News with the exception of the sideshow Hannity puts on as big money entertainment. Now we're onto some rational thinking! The only part of the issue you haven't mentioned, because you don't understand it, is the fact that Trump has alienated all normal thinking people away from his nonsense and the media does and says that which is popular with the people. They're in the business to make money and will always lean toward people who will respond positively to the goods,
  10. On the videos you post, I've never been wrong. They're all nonsense that's being promoted for profit by people who think they can capitalize on the UFO/alien imaginings and possible sightings. So I've decided to just reject them because there are other reportings that are much closer to being credible. I might find one or two of the best of them for you so we can discuss the topic in a sensible way. Like I said, I might be wrong. But I still have a great deal of confidence that I'm right because even the best reportings I've been able to find are full of flaws. I take much the same p
  11. The quick answer is that the US is again trying to demonize all it's competitors and China is no exception. But this time the competitor is too big and it has most of the world's countries as it's friends, because China hasn't attempted to control the world by force. If Trump wins election I highly suspect that he will begin to deal with China in the same way he's been dealing with Russia, and that will be a good thing. I have no interest or care for what Trump will do to the US on domestic policy. Strange how many of Thoth's videos don't exist!
  12. Dang! Then these lying liars try to say the little guy is a fetus that dates to about 40 years. https://www.cnn.com/2018/03/22/health/atacama-skeleton-mystery/index.html Denial I say! Damn denial!
  13. Wow! I mean just holy wow Thoth! I clicked on it and I went to somewhere around the 10 minute point where they were bringing in UFO' with tones and meditations. So convincing! But I think I have to go slow on this for a while so I'm going to stick with the lizard people for now. That's something that I'm pretty sure I might have witnessed in Mexico. Are the lizard people aliens or are they earthlings that have mutated into part lizards? You and David Icke were so right all along! edit: Then I went to somewhere arouns 1 1/2 hours in and they were showing anti-gravity machines and
  14. I don't live in my room in the basement anymore and I did go to Mexico. The iguanas I 'seen' were real and they sat still and stared at me. I'm not saying they're the lizard people but I'm not saying they aren't.
  15. One would think the good doctor could spell the word 'serious' correctly. Obviously he can't be sirius!
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