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Please don't take this the wrong way...but...Wouldn't it better help to prevent spamming if you were to keep this little tidbit hidden amongst yourselves (Admins. and Mods.):cup:


Lol... It's actually worked remarkably well. Most spammers are in it as a numbers game... Hit as many sites as possible with your url before your shift is over. If someone actually hangs out for more than 10 posts, then they are very likely not to be a run of the mill spammer, and may actually contribute to the site content.


Now, there are those rare morons who jump around from thread to thread posting nonsense remarks in an attempt to escalate their post count to 10 quickly, but they litter up the forum very quickly and are easily noticable. Kind of like a female stripper in an all male prison. Mods simply come in and wipe their mess off the floor and move on pretty quickly.



(I felt I had to support the staff since I don't appear to do that enough :shrug: )



Happy riding on the motorsickle, mate. :D

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