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Where i Register my idea of BIRTH OF EARTH based on GEOLOGY


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I have a new idea regarding BIRTH of EARTH and We want this idea to be registered in any institution because every idea take time to prove and if my idea prove then the reward should be given to us so i want that this idea should be registered and Published so can anyone tell me where i can registered this idea and where i can publish this ? . Pls see below the idea.


1. earth is living thing like tree and expanding day by day.

2. meteroids are seeds of differrent differrent planets. which germiate in universe and converts in big planet after growing.

3. here universe is as soil of tree for planets

4. earth quakes are stroke of its expantion time cycle.

5. earth is infected planet due to loss of imunisation of climate change because we live on it.

summarry; birth and growth of every planet is as forest on earth.there are two system of birth.

1 birth from female

2. birth from seed germination and second system is applicable reg birth of planets too.

so these type of ideas are in my mind for which i am thinking about from last 21 years.so pls help me reg this.

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I've moved your thread to Alternative Theories since this is not mainstream Earth Science.


As to your question, write a scientific paper and submit it to arXiv.org under Geophysics. It should contain a solid hypothesis and some testable predictions that could be made using that hypothesis. You should probably include some results from your experiments that refute current planetary theories. You could also submit a news release. Here's a media kit where you could get started.

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One simple way to register something is the Copyright Office. This officially attaches the idea to you. Nowadays you can copyright almost anything. You get a certificate with a number, and a copy of your idea is forever on file with your government, either as paper or digital media or both. The other less official way is to mail a notarized copy of it to yourself. This also fixes the inception of the idea in time. It is up to you keep it on file.

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all planets are living thing. this is like a tree in forest and same planets are in universe so planets are growing like tree in forest. this process is going on like a natural forest.

i mean universe is like a forest and planets are like a plants in that forest.

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