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Internet Adition V. 1: Irony


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welcome 2 the internet :shrug: this is the first installment of many in a series of the psychology of internet addiction. serious discussion only.


there once was a guy on a forum who didn't Engrish very well... he spelled his name with a "1" instead of an "l".


1 day, a gril came along who also didn't Engrish berry well and he decided to stalk her every move. so fascinated was he that he monitored her every post before proceeding to ridicule her for inappropriate spellnig, EVEN THOUGH his user name was clearly misspelled. Where's teh logic...


  • What possessed someone to do this? fear? jealousy?
  • Why would he care?
  • why do so many ppl try 2 bully others on the internets?

serious discussion only.

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Why this should be unfair I do not know, because the reason is only to let other mods know...Brinnie don't feel attacked always if someone reports a post of yours (the comment in reporting amongst other said that you stopped leet speak...so something positive), since we discuss a lot about you in staff lately a new a bit special post of yours just gets reported...

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