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    Reading trashy novels, Conspiring to take over the world
  1. nono sanctus, there's a science to this. watch: 1. 2. 3.
  2. welcome 2 the internet :shrug: this is the first installment of many in a series of the psychology of internet addiction. serious discussion only. there once was a guy on a forum who didn't Engrish very well... he spelled his name with a "1" instead of an "l". 1 day, a gril came along who also didn't Engrish berry well and he decided to stalk her every move. so fascinated was he that he monitored her every post before proceeding to ridicule her for inappropriate spellnig, EVEN THOUGH his user name was clearly misspelled. Where's teh logic... What possessed someone to do this? fear? jeal
  3. if electrolisis can remove bikini hair, anything's possible
  4. nope. i can never meet up 2 ur standards. its senseless 2 try communicating with a brick wall
  5. Yes, to be a politician one must be part machine. Politicians have to carry out critical tasks and orders. i think everybody in Americon basically has the same overall views: No stealing or killing, fr33 spe4ch, etc... but the HUGE differences are in moral. [1] WatchingAmerica.com covers what the rest of the world thinks of Americans and America. if u have lived abroad, this will clearly hit home. if not, u may learn just how isolated we r. scientifically, abortion and stem cell research is all in a days work. but not 2 morally concerned folk, such as baptists. politicians will try 2 appeal
  6. That doesn't sound completely different to me. In fact, it sounds as if they are polar opposites defined only by a + or - charge.
  7. im sumwot religious & i love that idea!! so let me get this strait: basically, since we can rely on technology 2 do lots of stuff, we r selecting 2 use certain regions of our brain more than others. over the course of time, less used regions shrink due 2 lack of stimulation or whatever, slowing down physical evolution??
  8. i dont underrrstand the 1st paragragh, only the last sentance. can u put it into simple engrish 4 me?
  9. Said theory is called psychology. Stress Levels Can Affect Pneumonia Vaccination Laughter is Good for Your Heart Pet Dog Reduces Stress of Caring for Brain-Injured Feeling Down Could Raise the Risk for Heart Disease Overdosing on News can be Bad for One's Mental Health Personality Influences Psychological Adjustment and Recovery from Stroke Leisure Activity Decreases Risk of Alzheimer's Disease Sports, Exercise a Mixed Bag for Psychological Well-Being of Young Women
  10. Brinnie


    my personal stalker speaks.
  11. Everything has a mass, except for the Church of Scientology.
  12. Brinnie


    ^ 1. the rules bend in favor of certain individuals. 2. u are n4rk
  13. Brinnie


    tormod is a postwhore.
  14. I'm sorry, but you guys are far off track. HOPE is not an emotion. It's a fantasy that simulates and produces emotions. Much like FEAR. The opposite of hope is fear. and fear produces emotion. [1] [2] OF COURSE, there are alternate theories. But I have already done the research on these: Hope is the opposite of presumption Hope is the opposite of negativity. Too much hope is the opposite of despair hope is the opposite of mistrust and insecurity hope is the opposite of security That should be enough to get you guys started on an equation for hope.
  15. Obviously, you disagree. Nothing new or different... I gave you my definition of brainwashing can you put it into a formula? Don't agree? Fine. If you can define my formula into one word, you can take credit for it. If you believe what the dictionary is anything other than a medium for people to grasp concepts, then you're in for a long ride... A very long ride. The Brinnie dictionary om my only dictionary.
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