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Helppppppppppppp!!!!!!!! urgent


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Let's see. First things off the top of my punkin' head:


an electric motor. This one is so easy. You need a few large iron nails, a coil of copper wire (WITH insulation) and some plywood and sticks of wood. Oh yeah, and a battery and a small tube of oil.


a steam turbine. This one is also easy. You need the bottom out of a large tin can (like school veggies come in). Also a pair of "tin snips" for cutting windmill vanes in it. And a heavy duty can with tight lid (for boiling water) and some copper pipe to direct the steam at the vanes.


If you choose one, let me know and I'll give details.

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Electric motor OR electric generator.


If you mechanically spin the motor real fast, it will Generate electricity. You can use the steam turbine to provide the mechanical force to spin the motor. The only difference between motor and generator is that for the generator you will need some magnets, the stronger the better.


Drawing coming up...

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Okay, let's see if the drawing shows up. If so, then I'll add text.



Turbine: use the bottom off a large tin can. Use a sharp screwdriver blade or a chisel (and a hammer) and cut out "seven" shaped cuts. The vertical stem of each "7" starts half inch from the center and radiates straight toward the rim, stopping half inch from rim. The top of each "7" extends an inch perpendicular to the stem. You should be able to get between 8 and 12 of these cuts. Then bend the metal of each "7" (along the stem of the "7") so it forms a windmill vane.


Axle: get a 1/4 inch dowel rod made from wood, about 2 ft long from craft store.


Base: get a slab of plywood, 1/2 or 3/4 inch thick, about 2 ft square.


You'll need Gorilla Glue to fasten axle through a hole in center of turbine.


Ceramic Magnets: go to hardware store (leow's or home depot) and get a package of disk ceramic magnets, at least a dozen or 16 disks. If a dozen, then 6 magnets (stuck together) will be fixed to a wooden frame so they each group is to either side of the rotor. Or, one group below and one group above as in the drawing. Be sure that both groups are alligned so that North and South are in same directions.


Next drawing will be detail of rotor.

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...Next drawing will be detail of rotor.


Here is the only tricky part. You have to find a way of arranging 4 to 8 big nails so that they can be attached to the axle, with the axle perpendicular to the nails and attached at their middle. See drawing. You might use pieces of the dowel to fill the spaces in between the nails--and glue them all together.


Take your spool of wire {{{WITH INSULATION}}} preferably rather thin wire used in wiring transistors to circuit boards. And like the drawing, start at one end of the nails and wrap the wire tightly and neatly from one end to the other.


The ends of the wire should follow the axle, one on either side. Only the last inch or two of the wire should have insulation removed. Glue the bare wire to the wooden dowel. Don't let the ends touch each other.


The last post will show the "commutator". This is how the power comes off your axle wires and connects to your voltmeter. (Borrow a voltmeter from a hobbyist). I'll do it tomorrow. IF you have made progress on what I have described above. :bow: Good luck.

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I have determined that steam out of any ordinary vessel will NOT have enough force to turn the generator. :D Sorry about that. :) You'll have to turn the axle by hand, or use a Dremel Tool to supply the spinning force.


Or a water wheel at least a foot in diameter. But that will be messy.


Another option is to make the Generator into a Motor. The plans will be identical. Only difference, is you replace the voltmeter with a battery. I'll show you.


Awaiting a response from you..........

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