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An Ode to Wind


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This song happened like this:


I layed down some rhythm on my classical guitar in 5/4

everything was improvised.


I layered some more tracks, did some lead. There's one track in the background that's just drenched in reverb, for kicks :)


Toward the second half, I use an electric guitar with a constant vibrato, and I also whistle real close up to the microphone (rode NTK) and add delay and reverb to it to make it sound distant.


And then yeah, an ode to wind was born.


This was recorded over two years ago!! Enjoy, and give me your feedback plz :shrug:

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I'm guessing they don't allow direct download links.

Try badongo.com for some easy and free file sharing.

There is also fileden.com.

Look forward to hearing it!


This file is hosted by Tripod, a Lycos®Network Site, and is not available for download. Please check out Tripod's Help system for more information about Remote Loading and our Remote Loading policy.
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I told you'all that I was working on some other little funky track-

well my laptop crashed so i'm in the process of setting up ANOTHER laptop to record with, so, in the near future,

some new tunes.


I'm going to record an ode to fire which is going to be so much more intense you've no idea! :]

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Nice stuff!

Great production and the mixing sounds quite nice, but a tid-bit bass heavy imo.

I love the ethereal break where the whistling starts. There's so many different styles in this, which makes it quite unique. I suppose this would be classified as classical/easy listening, but I think those distinctions do not really do the piece justice.


This makes me miss my classical guitar. :hihi:


Btw, did you do all the recording on the Rode? I wasn't very impressed when I tried it out, but I only tried it out on my voice.

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Yes I did this with the rode 2 years ago, before I really learned my Mic skills.

Now when I record acoustic, I put the microphone near my ear (instead of infront of the Hole)


Thanks :]


Have you ever tried the 12th fret/ over the shoulder (ie close to your ear) combo-mic method? I've had some pretty good luck blending different mics this way for acoustic guitar.


You're welcome :]

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