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  1. uh, ok. right, rock formation, at least it's not some, uh, organic giant skeletal remains. yup, with some bits of surviving species like coelacanths and cockroach critters :unsure:
  2. Well ok then, though physical evidence for a civilization that possibly existed prior to the Permian Triassic Extinction Event about 250 million years ago would be quiet a Hercuelan task (and Hercules wasn't even born yet!). However, ancient repositories of knowledge embedded deep within the psyche of Humanity did manifest, and so do highly complex, yet to be explained phenomenon occurring more and more stubbornly that prod Humanity to its challenges just cannot be denied, neither would it be dismissed as outright improbable and should not be discounted either. To adhere with more scientifi
  3. nice revelation then, no need to debate on that. Wow! Amazing! Excellent definition of fossil I should have known! Could you please explain these fossilized rock formations too, the official conclusion sounded stupid , maybe you could provide more intelligent conviction :hyper: http://www.rense.com/general3/foss.htm[/i] but of course neither would there be silica without the presence of silicon element, being the 8th most common element in the Universe is something you just discard like some highscool on tantrum. oh really, you should have evolved
  4. don't you feel tired and silly repeating the same rant over and over, clinking your favorite neg-rep button the nth time, traveling to Mars and back, 13 long pages and counting? do get over with the silicon thing, this thread had already resolved and fixed it. seems however it's your repetitive record that's broken, fix it really, well then let's start your day with these to while your time rather than waste it contributing to creating some lamentable "nutjob" society with the comedy of honoring a servant mentality, though it may not be some educ
  5. this could be for a start, a micro-organism using, gasp, arsenic for building blocks: NASA Finds New Life Op-Ed: NASA scientist finds evidence of alien micro fossils http://gizmodo.com/5704158/nasa-finds-new-life I do believe however, that you agree on the important role of silicon in the primordial stages of evolution, which was among the more abundant minerals with 90% of the Planet's crust made of silicate materials, that determined the formation of carbon compounds in terrestrial life, and in such stage of evolution the reptilian species first evolved, which eventually more
  6. here are some articles that discussed about the possibility of silicon-based building blocks in life forms: Physicists Discover Inorganic Dust With Lifelike Qualities silicon-based life The Thread, despite the challenge it entailed and the complexity of its needed basis still managed to parry at any test for its veracity. Even as this thread will continue to proceed towards more exciting realms be assured that even you will admit of its consistency, or neither contradicted any verifiable facts in Science, and even called for possible debunking of some convnentional t
  7. Re-Edited: (asking your own questions and stewing your own answers, huh :rolleyes: ) Humanity evolving from ancient ape ancestors occurred only during the last 60-50 million years or so, which was then that carbon-based mammalians were evolving. My thread is in reference to even much older than that, particularly even incorporating prior to the Permian Triassic Extinction Event that occurred about 250 million years ago. By then mammals had not yet evolved and so obviously your ranting is understandable, in which for your information I'm actually aware of it. However if your p
  8. In the larger picture of things in this Thread, some of the evidences I had been gathering is that the Indigenous Peoples of Mindanao Island, Philippines may as well have preserved among the oldest, if not the oldest repository of knowledge in the ancient history of Earth Humanity. This will further strengthen the position I held in this Thread that the identity of all the world's tribes indeed originated as claimed by the Indigenous People's from my place. Amazing, in the process of my standing up with my position and translating it had inevitably led to tracing back a very, very ancient
  9. Mt. Apo by the way is a stratovolcano, the kind common at subduction zones. The mountain is also considered as the center of endemism in Mindanao island and has one of the highest land-based biological diversity in terms of flora and fauna per unit area. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mount_Apo It is in Mt. Apo where one finds the World's rarest and among the largest eagle, the Philippine Eagle, as well as the "queen of orchids" and considered among the World's most beautiful, the Waling-waling endemic only in Davao and nearby it. Durian also abound here, otherwise rarely would it gro
  10. good pointers :thumbs_up Actually, my position, as far as this Thread had dwelled into, did not contradict yours. The position in this thread as recorded by the ancient knowledge of Mindanao's Indigenous People's in particular the Samal Tribe of Davao, and that of the ancient Sumerians, and translated in modern terms by Zechariah Sitchin, in which I then incorporated these as it coursed its way with the discussions that my personal research would refer to as Ric Vil Hori's Lemurian Timeline, was that the very ancient supercontinent of Lemuria, which was once in contemporary with the sup
  11. I need to revise my statement. There may indeed be the probability of large enough impact as "asteroid" (or in the case of this thread, huge chunks from interplanetary collision) otherwise lesser forces could not have caused such massive catastrophic alteration of Mars' depleted atmosphere, vanished oceans of water and huge disturbance of its gravitational field.
  12. it seems improbable to contain the phenomenon of evident heavy impact on Mars on the timeframe of Hadean eon as it is obvious that the numerous impact as evident on one surface of Mars occurred after the topographical features characteristic of its other surfaces portrayed its present form, which actually manifested a series of phenomenon that may have occurred as a result of this later impact that may actually portray a once totally different planet, such as the depletion of its once atmosphere and even the signature spectral color of its surface noting the presence of iron oxide that may pro
  13. Thanks. possible evidence on Mars: http://www.dailygalaxy.com/my_weblog/2009/03/mars-discovery.html image showing the stark contrast from both sides of Mars and the possibility that the other surface indeed once experienced intense "bombardment."
  14. Hey, my Thread is reopened again B) thanks Pamela and Mods. However, due to more complicated fields it may curtail I may refrain from further discussing in this thread those concepts as Time Dilation, Twin Paradox, albeit exciting it may have been to share ideas with it, so as to simplify and prioritize with more crucial fields in addressing the issues pertaining to the Thread. May I inquire if science forums may already have threads that discussed about it, I may perhaps share ideas and inquire there instead. As for this Thread I may resume discussing the topics of evidences as requ
  15. Just reminding English happens to be my 2nd language (while having to speak 2 local languages), so it may be a bit of an effort for me to express my views sometimes, not to mention having to sometimes discuss Physics topics here :blink: I was actually referring to the Present being under "subjectivity" to human act i.e. choices, decisions, etc., not necessarily the Present being subjective. that's actually the limitation I'm referring my concern about. Yup. I'm really very curious how tangible matter behaves when subjected to extremes of sorts, just as the phenomenon being d
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