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Rahil Kamat

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Hey guys how about setting up a council here on hypography ? or in other words

just a more formal names to all admin's and mods or if you think it is foolish ......... just ignore this post

it can include

1) President

2)Vice President

3) Council ( including all the admins)

4) Ministry's which include Anti Spam, New Users ( The ministers will delete all the users who sign up and do not post 5 posts within a span of two weeks)

Old users, and the forums ministry ( which can include all the mods), Assistance ministry ( which would help all the new users put up their links, photographs etc)

if you are reading till now man you got a lot of patience !!

Tell me whaddya think ?

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Thanks for the input mate. We are working on a new "hierarchy" of the administration due to upcoming feature expansions, like more content-oriented sections, and new forum sections.


I don't think a council-like structure is what we need, but we definitely need to spread the administration into several areas like maintenance, development, content management, member services etc.

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